Is Your Business Self-Sufficient? Or Are You Heading Down A Dead End?

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Is your business self-sufficient?

Can it run without aid from the government, JV partners, or even suppliers?

Is your business flexible?

Or you do you rely a lot on other people to make your business successful?

I see so many people just blindly promoting their JV partners' products, just because they are hoping the big bad guru they are promoting will reciprocate back.

And the gurus all have their cliques. You'll be shocked (or perhaps not) to know that most of the gurus in the IM niche rely almost entirely on traffic generated by JV partners.

They go for the big kill a few times a year, generated 5000 leads each time and for the rest of the year, send out promos for their JV partners.

It's one big merry go round.

Is your business model based on this?

What I'm saying is:

Forget about mentors.

Forget about coaches.

Forget about JV partners.

Yes, use them and make money.

But don't make them your ENTIRE business model. Heck, don't make them even 50% of your business model.

Over a period of 5 years, 10 years, most partnerships won't last. Things go wrong. And at the end of the day, it's only YOU yourself that will determine if your business will be alive for the long haul.

You want to know what is the best way to get leverage without relying on others?


Automate your marketing. Forget about relying on others. And keep your noses clean.

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    We should focus on automate our business so it can run without us. We shouldn't entirely rely on mentors, coaches and JV partners, however, we should leverage them to grow our business.

    Automation is important for scaling the business.

    On the other hand, relationship is important for the growth of the business too.
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    How much are you actually making?

    Networking is HUGE these days, and knowing the big guys is still the easiest and best way to succeed.

    If anything I'd say networking is more important, because there is a massive surplus of information, people want it only from trusted sources: namely, people they respect, and when those people they respect refer them to a product they trust it a hell of a lot more than if they got there from a random article.

    Working just once with a whole bunch of JV's is usually enough, most guys earning millions don't need anyone else promoting them simply because they already have huge lists from these previous deals and are essentially their own JV.
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    Well, that makes sense. I don't think you read the post.

    Oh, and by the way, leads do have a life span.

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    Networking and automation are both necessary.. just two of several other key components of a business.
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