One Blog/Website, Many Pages, Good SEO??

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So say I have a blog about ... Trees... or something

But I want to write about "birch" "Pine" "Pear Trees" "Apple Trees"

as different niches

for SEO would it be better to just have one site about trees, and then PAGES dedicated to each topic. Or many sites focusing on specific trees?]

What is generally best? Will the focused site rank better or the pages in the big site rank better? USUALLY mind you?

Seems like google would like the pages in that site better than the small focused niche site. I have no!?!?!
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    I would do one BIG site about trees and have it include all your categories and subcategories. Authority sites is what it's all about if you want some love from big G
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    Personally, I would use one site. Authority sites are almost always better than micro niche sites.
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    Originally Posted by wordpressdoctor View Post

    I would build many small niche sites because if you build one big site, it's like putting all of your eggs in one basket. If google decides to come along and make some stupid changes and your website gets deindexed, your whole website including the pages that you built with that website will be penalized. Now, if you built many niche websites, some may get affected and some may not. Check out this free report:

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    There's a flaw in your logic. Unless you did something different with each of your sites, which most people who build numerous small niche sites never do, an algorithm change that nukes one site will probably nuke them all. Six of one, half a dozen of the other.

    To the OP:

    I would build a single site and silo it with reasonable (to humans) categories and subcategories, adding multiple pages as needed to cover the topic.
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    If you're writing about topics that all fit in with a larger niche, I would say keep everything in one site and grow it huge! Google is putting far more weight on sites that are viewed as an authority. You can work a larger site just like several micro niche sites in one. You can still target your long-tail keywords in your different categories and have the strength of a large site to back it up.

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    If you target a keyword in the URL, then build most backlinks to the highly searched KW phrase as anchor. It must be a good +/- buyer keyword (not people in the research mode).

    Other than that, build kw targeted webpages and place them under categories. Google loves quality articles. And this will be your backup source of traffic. Add them up and you have 1000's of targeted potential buyers.

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    I'd definitely stick to one site if the topic fit.


    Critical mass and workload.

    The more content about the material on the site the better chance it will rank as an authority on the BIG topic.

    And workload.. I've always found additional posts on a site are just a small amount of work, but additional sites add a whole other dimension / layer to the workload on an ongoing basis.
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