What's the fastest Way to Build A high Quality Authority Site??

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Hey guys!

Well, the title says it all.

What are the critical components of a high quality Auth site, and what is the most efficient way to get this done???

I want to produce a legitimate resourceful site for people that are interested in my topic.

thanks friends
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    In regards to building an authority site as quick as possible:

    Outsource nearly everything. You could have a team of people doing all of the work for you... or you could do it your self.

    Obviously a team should be more efficient time wise.

    Good luck in your endeavor
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    • The fastest way is to invest in PPT = People. Process. Technology. This means:

      • Hire people who can formulate, implement, monitor and improve relevant job seeker marketing, content developer applicant testing, hiring, training and managerial processes...

      • Equip your newly hired employees with the tools and equipment they need to produce higher quality work output faster...

      • Continue reinvesting a percentage of your net income into hiring more qualified people who can produce higher quality work output faster...

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        Making a truly great authority site is a little tricky but I would offer this simple formula which you can expand later:

        1: Pick a specific niche

        Don't pick a niche that is too broad. For example: Don't try to build an authority site on the "health niche". Do try to build an authority site on "Fitness for middle aged men" or "Erectile dysfunction". The key is to pick something that won't have you trying to cover too much ground.

        2: Buy high quality content
        You need to post only the highest quality content you can find. Authority sites are no place for spun, poorly written and uninformative content. Don't try to save some money on the content. You also need to make sure it's relevant to your niche and keywords.

        3: Market it well
        The key to a successful site is targeted traffic. Not only will junk traffic not help but it will do a variety of things that will hurt your site. Make sure you're promoting your site in relevant markets so that your traffic is actually targeted to your niche.

        4: Offer relevant products or services
        Make sure that all of your links and products are relevant to what your visitors want. Try to find products or services that specifically relate to your niche and either solve some sort of problem or simplify some important task.

        I hope that helps!
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    Well yes, outsource it.

    Just bear in mind that, genuine Authority sites offer CONTENT that genuinely conveys that authority, and give people intriguing perspectives, thoughts and ideas they might not have considered before.

    I doubt you'll get that from $5 article writers who re-hash other people's content on Google.

    The way to become an Authority is to do the OPPOSITE.

    Create content that stands out, creates a bit of controversy, gets people really thinking, and wondering, "Wow... I want to hear more!"
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    Compelling Content + high user retention will get you there.

    It's far better to outsource all of the content and focus on seo and social aspects.

    Things can get pricey after a while, so you either pay in money or time.
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    One page at a time.
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    there isnt really any secret to doing this, you just need to upload content on a regular basis and be very active

    i would start by uploading a new post every day for at least a couple of months, doing this you will really get the spiders crawling your sites and you will start to attract plenty of free traffic

    of course your content has to be good but posting every day is a good start or even twice a day if you either have the time to write it yourself or the money to outsource it

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    Quality content consistently added with plenty quality backlinks pointing back to your homepage and inner pages.

    There's a lot more to it than that but I'd say these two are two of the most important factor to building an authority site that Google precieve as a trusted site.

    James Scholes
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