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by Kurt
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I'm new to Youtube marketing and have a question for you Youtube pros...I posted a Youtube video response to a popular related video. But it's been 2 days and it doesn't appear as a video response on their Youtube page.

In my account it shows the video has been added as a video response.

Do video responses need to be approved or something?
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    According to this, they get an email that allows them to approve, deny or ignore the video response. So I guess you are waiting on them to check their email.
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    I believe it has to be approved by the video owner..

    I don't think this was the case a year or so ago, so it's a new thing. They changed up their whole "Video Response" platform from what I've noticed.. I tried something similar not too long ago, that's how I know..

    I hope they accept! Good luck
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    As far as I know it needs to be get approved.
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      yeah it needs to be approved.

      AND if they don't, they're dumb! here's why:

      everybody forgets that youtube is a social network.

      the youtube algo, besides using keywords to rank a video, uses "Social Engagement" metrics to rank you.

      that includes:
      like/dislike ratio
      subscibers interaction

      video reply is by far the heaviest weighted social engagement metric youtube uses (along with subscribers engagement).

      in other words, the more video replies you have to your video, the better you rank, the more views you have.

      all good video seo experts know that and reply to their own videos from different accounts. easy trick to get you ranking fast.

      There's another trick that is 100X more powerful and NOBODY KNOWS ABOUT, but that's another story.
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    They might have denied your request that's why.
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    I posted a video 2 days ago on a competitors video and it showed up as soon as I set it as a response..

    I have done this with a couple VEVO channels as well so I think there must be some option on your channel whether or not you want auto approve video responses or not im assuming.
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    You could also try and contact the video creator to find out if he's missed the request to approve.
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    When you comment on a video unless you get message like pending approval
    your response shows straight away, it depends how the channel owner sets up the
    channel my channel has no comments aloud.

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    Depending on the settings of the video, the publisher may enable video responses to automatically show or they'll have them published upon approval. Video responses are a good video marketing technique, just make sure they're relevant to the video and offer something more beneficial to the original video. Maybe contact the publisher or the video and ask them to approve your video response too.
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