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Hey Guys,

I have a entertainment website that is monetized with adsense, i post new music everyday, when i post a song i usually post the singers name, song tittle and name of rhythm/Producer.

However i posted a song with he name of the rhythm being "sexxx tape riddim" I noticed after that, ads were not being shown on the page of the post. The posted content it self did not have any sexual content in it. actually its a youtube video/audio.

My question is?

If i let the post stay on the site will i get banned from adsense or will google just prevent ads from being shown on that page only ?
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    If its against the TOS then you risk being banned.
    No more...
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    It doesn't matter if you use nudity or not, using what adsense defines as profane words can be enough to terminate your adsense account. Some people get away with it for months, some for years, but it can get you banned. The choice is yours.
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    Ok Thanks Guys.. appreciate the responses.
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