Is this Blackhat? It works... makes good money too, interesting take a look...

by LMC
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Hey Guys,

I'm always one for creative tactics in making money, I don't know if this has been done but I've seen no one discuss it previously. It works, I tested it, but is it blackhat... you tell me?

This tactic works well for web designers. When you build a site for a client, small business, friend, family, etc

The method name:


"when you show a site to a client and they click everywhere effect"


We design quite a bit of websites for clients, I have basically a little production line going in the Philippines and it works rather well, allows me to make a profit and provide a reasonably priced service to customers.

I've noticed that every time I ever show a website to a client they click around the site... every link.

They show their wife/husband, friends, family, etc...

I thought it would be interesting to see what happened when I placed an AdSense ad block on their site, well...

they clicked on it. Free will, no forcible clicking, clean white hat placements within context.

It happened first on a small business "cleaners" website, the ads were targeted to Local keywords and displayed ads for other cleaners on his website and he was concerned. I explained it was just an Ad Block holder where we will display your promotions.

Regardless... $1.20 was made.... interesting


I tested it on a different client, this one was a lawyer.

When I was showing him his site's framework, instead of the normal "Ispum Lorem" text used for place holder content, I used HIGH CPC keyworded content in the "lawyer" niche.

Produced $60 in AdSense Revenue. With a 4% CTR.



I don't have time to explore this method, and don't want to risk any of my accounts. However, maybe someone that is new can utilize this creative method to make their first dollars online.

My view on the method:

It's not a valid click, and it's just side change.

The 'place holder content' used to target the AdSense ads should be surrounding the business you are building a site for. Ex) lawyer content around a lawyer's site.

They don't go crazy click happy, just once or twice... to the machines it would look natural, and you are removing the links anyways...

so it's grey without a doubt, maybe grey-black, I won't risk it, but still an interesting case study.
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    It is interesting. I would not be worried about Google but your customers, when they realize you are making money off of their site.
    Bill Platt, Oklahoma USA,
    Publish Coloring Books for Profit (WSOTD 7-30-2015)
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    Personally, I'd be very careful with this, it could get you banned from adsense. We all know the Big G is not very forgiving when they decide to ban you.

    Are you in the Orlando area? Join our mastermind group

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    Dude, this isn't even grey. It's straight up black.

    Is there any chance in hell your lawyer client is ever going to hire a lawyer after clicking an ad on his own site?
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    Well of course it is... I stated it myself. The content is not left on their site FYI. It's used instead of Lorem Ispum placeholder text, so in my experience of 100's of clients, none of them cared because it was being replaced.
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      Originally Posted by LMC View Post

      Well of course it is... I stated it myself. The content is not left on their site FYI. It's used instead of Lorem Ispum placeholder text, so in my experience of 100's of clients, none of them cared because it was being replaced.
      So what if your clients care or not? You made money off of clicks that had no chance to convert for the advertiser. If I were using PPC and saw a jump in adspend that bounced out right away like that I'd be talking to Google.
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    If you sneak in adsense on your clients... well this is straight up dishonesty. If that's the mind frame that you have with your clients... then so be it.

    I"m in this business for the long run, and not to make a quick buck off anyone else.
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    Thanks LMC for providing excellent information.
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    I think many of us here will frown on it, but maybe not in
    other forums like BHW.

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      You are going to get banned,

      Google doesn't like publishers that don't convert.
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    I don't think some understand what the OP is saying. He's doing this on "example" sites for his clients.

    Just a warning, I did this myself waaaaaay back when I first started doing web design. I had a few templates set up that potential clients could look at. Eventually I was getting 20, 30, 40, 50+ people a day looking at the templates and realized I was making a few bucks a day off of the Adsense clicks. I left my ID in the Adsense code, mainly because I just didn't know any better and thought it was a nice added bonus.

    Needless to say Google shut down the account. And looking back I clearly should have removed the code. So I'd proceed with caution.
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    Blackhat - definitely; honest - definitely not!

    Putting your Adsense links on a client's site, even if for just a few clicks is unseemly - if not unethical, and it certainly violates any notion of transparency and full-disclosure. Because these clicks don't convert, you will eventually get noticed by Google, and you will be banned straightaway. Good luck!
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