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I started My Simple Blog on sunday with affiliates products. run very excited

please help me how to make traffic my blog at very low cost. or free (so i don't money to purchesed domain and hosting so on i started making Blog.)
very sincere I started My first BLog to make money online.
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    Hi ghentyal,

    Sorry, but I'm on the side that you're starting out the wrong way. The idea is understandable - a popular affiliate product on the homepage and going straight into the sales pitch.

    But look, how do you think you can get traffic to it? SEO? No. Google hates sites like these, because these sites don't have any content or authority to show.

    Free methods? Not many, because this is a very "salesy" pitch and you can forget about something like guest blogging.

    Maybe you are left with something like integration marketing - promoting in other peoples email newsletter.

    But then again, if you want to start out the (how I see) right way, then you need to build an authority site or even niche website around a topic. I feel that the best "FREE" traffic is still from Google.

    P.S. If we talk about paid, then this is another story, because you could more easily make some cash from offers like these you promote: banners, media buys, solo ads, swaps, PPC, etc.

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      If you are looking for cheap ways to bring traffic to your website o with a URL shortener service they provide 10,000 visitors to your website for $5).
      But as you said you don't have money,So here are your free ways.
      1.SEO-SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION using quality backlines.
      2.Forum posting(which you are already doing)
      3.Article submission to article directories9quite time consuming but yeilds good results.)
      I hope this helps.
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    its gona be difficult,
    you want your visitors to know how to make money online
    but you dont to spend money to bring visitors to your blog,,,, will be quite hard, ,

    but good luck
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      Sorry,I was going to add my bit,but its all been said.

      Best of luck though,keep at it
      Its dark but...I glow!
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    Video through Youtube. Youtube is a massive search engine and you can easily rank inside youtube and on Google with it. You just have to know how to optimize your videos properly. I have a course called Tube Raider that teaches how to fully optimize and massively drive traffic.
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      Since you are just starting out consider taking advantage of youtube. it's free, it ranks search engines fast and if you target the right keywords it will stay at the top for long time.

      I don't know how effective your plan for monetizing will be as you are shooting straight into a sales pitch in a market with a high level of bs detection.

      That said go for it and actually follow through so that you can test the conversion rate anyway. You'll gain more insight about your market.

      Wether it will make you a huge amount of money or maybe just your first dollarit doesn't matter. What matters is that you are focusing on one particular project and see what it will produce.
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    You could try article marketing, video marketing, creating more web 2.0 type sites, posting in forums. They are all free and can get traffic to your blog but you need to do quite a lot to get decent traffic.

    I'd try to move on and set up your own website as soon as you can, it doesn't cost much and that's really what you're going to need as you progress.

    Need a fresh start or help to take your business to the next level? Click here to find out more...

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    good news i have made two sale see image
    replace - to /
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