What to do if your content gets stolen?

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Hello Warriors,

I have noticed that some of my unique artciles have been stolen by sites and blogs and have put them on their sites.

Now some of them have spinned them around,
but some of them have just copied and pasted the whole articles and have placed them on their sites.
I have contacted them and asked them to remove it or at least credit me for it by putting my link there. They are so arrogant that didnt even bother to reply.

All these articles have been indexed by google on my sites at first instance.

Is there any way on what to do at such situation please?
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    Here is a link,to start you off What You Can Do When Your Content Gets Stolen | someuseless.info

    It's about what I would say to you,plus a bit more
    Its dark but...I glow!
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    Best advice I believe I can give you from 30 years of business is " let it go to the keeper, move on and write a better article" oh, and install as much "no copy" software you can find on your site. Turn RSS off as well if you don't want your articles syndicated elsewhere with or without credits....and one final bit of advice "do backups regularly"
    All the best

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    This is one thing that really annoys me - when you have taken time to write a really good article and then someone comes along with an RSS scraper and steals your work in seconds.
    Nice article linked to above, although not sure if I would want to take the time to go through all of the steps. I think contacting the host first would be the best bet.

    Thankfully I usually find that most people who rip off articles like this are also too lazy to get them ranked.
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    Originally Posted by datingworld View Post


    Is there any way on what to do at such situation please?
    Yes. Move on with your life. That's much more profitable than anything else you could do.
    "Those who can - DO IT. Those who can't, say it's impossible."
    Jean Paul a.k.a AdwordsMogul
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    Contrary to popular belief, it isn't flattery or beneficial when someone steals your unique content.

    All you need to do is file a DMCA with their host to get it taken down. Instructions and sample DMCA here
    What You Can Do About “Paypal Dispute Ripoff Artists” | Domaining Diva
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    I dont think your site will harm if someone stoled your content. because no search engine will crawl duplicate content. Your site will valued by search engine. So dont worry and keep concentrate on your site.
    Dont think what others doing with your sites/content.
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    Google comes to your rescue by spotting the website that has stolen your content. Hence you need not worry much over the issue. On the other hand if time permits you can replace your content with a fresh one too.
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    Thanks guys for the valuable advice,
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    This is a common problem for me also. But in most cases they strip my article of my resource box, and i have to contact them to put the resource box back into the article.
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      It really annoys me when this happens (and it has happened to me too) - I try not to think about it too much and just move on.
      My Internet Marketing Blog - Warts And All!
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    That is SO frustrating to me! You did the right thing by contacting them and asking to have it taken down. You can also go as far as to send them a cease and desist but I doubt it will do much good, especially if you don't have the time or resources to follow through with it.

    I agree with the other poster that you should employ some sort of anti-copying software. Even then there isn't a lot you can do against a clever scam artists who wants to steal your work.
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    I say let the poor cockroaches steal my content if they are that desperate. They can never make as much money as I do, and can never steal my system or my customers. They just can't keep up.

    ...Now if only I could write it off in my taxes as a "donation" LMAO!

    But if it bothers you or you think you are losing money, send the DCMA notice:


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    Sorry to hear your content is being stolen I had an entire blog of mine ripped off before and was in the same boat. Ended up just dropping the project.
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    Thanks guys, I know its really annoying and frustrating when it happens. I was even pissed off with google because google would show their sites before mine for the same article / even though those articles were published on my site first and were indexed by google.
    As most of you said i have to just carry and not think much of it.
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