Nevada Amazon Affiliates - GAME OVER?

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Well, Nevada is taxing Amazon too.

Here is the LINK
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    Amazon charging the state tax to Nevada residents isn't anything to worry about. If anything, this is a good thing for Nevada affiliates.

    It's the nexus laws you need to worry about.

    The ones that say that because Amazon has affiliates promoting them in a state/county/city, they have to charge what ever sales tax on customers in that state/county/city where they otherwise have no physical presence and wouldn't need to charge those taxes.

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    A federal court just tossed out the Colorado Sales Tax law that was meant to force Amazon sales tax collections. If you notice the year this plan is going to start is 2014. By then it is possible that all these new laws will get thrown out.
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    This seems to take away the risk for Nevada affiliates. Since Amazon and the state of Nevada have agreed that Amazon will start collecting the sales tax in 2014, it seems like the problem of nexus created by having affiliates in Nevada is now irrelevant (or at least will be by 2014).
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    Amazon does convert really well but if you can't use Amazon or just want to go after higher commissions remember that there are a ton of other affiliate networks worth checking out.

    You can also look for companies running their own affiliate programs which can sometimes be well worth the effort to find.

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      The linked article says Amazon has operations in the Reno and Las Vegas areas. In that case, Amazon has a physical presence (nexus) in the state and likely had some tax breaks given to them to entice them to originally open the operations in the state. It doesn't say Nevada is trying to establish nexus via affiliates located in the state.

      Find something to enjoy about reality. It's not going to go away.
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    A judge just ruled that Amazon doesn't have to hand over sensitive customer data to the state of North Carolina. We haven't been able to do business as an Amazon affiliate in this state since 2009. I hope this opens up the gates again.
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