My last question before serious action...

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Hi guys, i hope you are all well.

So having picked up a heck of a lot of info on WF and other resources I have now come up with an Action Plan and would love to hear your opinions/criticism in case I am starting out the wrong way - at least if i know im starting out right the success i will see is really down to my own efforts.

So i have an almost exact match .net domain name (mine has a 'z' to pluralise the keyword instead of an 's' which i actually believe is brandable). It is for quite a competitive keyword which gets about 20,000 exact searches a month and has 10million results in quotes. The top sites for this search are like pr4-5 however they really isn't much to them I mean the top2 sites actually look really spammy and hard to follow.

So my plan is to do the following;

- Build a website optimised for the keyword promoting products completely tied in with that keyword it will have about 10-15 products.

- Add an email opt-in when the visitor visits site offering a freebie maybe ebook or advice as well as future guidance

- Churn out 1-2 500-1000 word articles everyday targetting longtail keywords related to my money keyword that provide value and have a backlink to my site in resources with the keyword anchor text. These articles will not be placed on my site but submitted to all the big article sites depending on each sites competition for that long tail keyword. Although I anticipate the CTR of readers of the articles going to my site after will be quite low I am thinking the backlinks will be the main reason for writing the articles, this allows me to write good value info that is not in any way promotional which people might actually link to themselves adding more value to the backlink. I will socially bookmark every single article i ever create on the good sites

- Try to comment on relevant do-follow blogs 5-10 times a day providing value and again getting my anchor texted backlinks in there

- Join relevant forums and provide value on a daily basis with my backlink in the sig

- From time to time add polls and competitions and other forms of engagement to keep my list keen and hopefully gain new followers in the process

- Start a facebook fan page and buy fans by targetting people interested in my keyword with certain other demographic and interest settings which i wont go into. Also, engage and provide value to these users on a daily basis.

- From time to time update my money site keeping it fresh and up to date maybe adding new products


So my question is...If I was to start this tonight, stick to my plan down to an absolute Tee and come back to you in a year's time - does this sound doable? i mean could i potentially rank on google and build a decent following with this sort of action?

Any help/criticism/opinions of any sort would be very much appreciated before i go get started!

Thanks for reading guys
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    Please could someone with experience in this field advise me if im on the right lines here before my head explodes lol. I know obviously nobody can say for sure if google would rank my website high utilising this plan but can someone even at least let me know if im missing something here or if im even on the right lines?
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      Originally Posted by seedyuk View Post

      Churn out 1-2 500-1000 word articles everyday targetting longtail keywords related to my money keyword that provide value and have a backlink to my site in resources with the keyword anchor text.
      I'm not sure that this is the best use of your time and resources.

      At the end of 6 months how much content will you have on your site and how much content will you have submitted to article sites?

      What is the purpose of your site?

      Why will people want to visit?

      What will be unique about your site?

      The world is quite ruthless in selecting between the dream and the reality, even where we will not. Between the wish and the thing the world lies waiting. -- Cormac McCarthy

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    Anybody, pretty please?!
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    Now that you learned the basics and have a basic plan, I can only advise you to take
    action immediately.

    Don't wait for perfect conditions. Conditions will never be perfect.

    When you start actually doing it you'll encounter many problems and obstacles that
    never existed on paper. If you persist and go forward you will emerge victorious.
    Even if your first site is not successful, you'll learn so much in the process that it will
    be well worth the effort.

    Best of luck
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    what ever you do stick to it and just keep plodding on

    the best peice of advice i can give you is dont dilut your efforts too much. its so much easier to work on only 1 or 2 sites at a time otherwise you will not have the time or money to keep up

    plus its easier to manage your link building campaigns and rankings if your working on less sites

    hope it goes well for you

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      I think you've pretty much gotten the gist.

      The one thing which I'd add is, make sure your OWN site actually delivers great value too, instead of one blatant "buy this" or "buy that" after another.

      How your visitors behave on your site will affect how you rank in the search engines too.

      I'd be keen to see you come back here a year later to share your results.

      Rock on!
      Make a sale in 30 days or I'll Paypal you $500 >> Details here <<
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    Since you already have some sort of plan, I would say you are already ahead of most people! Just start on it, and tweak things out as you come across them. Take a lot of notes as you progress through your plan. As time goes on, you will see that all this will be getting easier.

    Good luck.
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    it is definitely doable and it looks like you got the right plan, in your keyword research try to focus on high search volume, low & weak competition with commercial intent. long tail keywords are a true goldmine you can easily rank your website on the first page of Google.
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    Great plan! Go forth and make it so!

    Remember, it will never be perfect. You will make some mistakes along the way, learn from it and move on. But take action!
    "Take Inspired Action!"
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  • Great job for putting together a plan.
    Now go ahead and TAKE ACTION!
    Set yourself daily goals and be consistent. Make sure you keep focused and don't get distracted by the next big thing. Keep trying and if in a few months you are seeing no progress move onto something else.
    Good luck with everything
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    Stick to the plan, and every 2-3 months you take some time to overlook your results and write down some short time goals for the next 2-3 months that you aim to reach.

    The hardest part is to stick to the plan, I think that almost everyone on this forum can agree to that.
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    Originally Posted by seedyuk View Post

    - Churn out 1-2 500-1000 word articles everyday targetting longtail keywords related to my money keyword that provide value and have a backlink to my site in resources with the keyword anchor text. [red]These articles will not be placed on my site[/red]
    Whyever not?

    Publish them on your own site first. Wait till they are indexed. Then submit them to one or two or the big article directories.

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    Thanks all for your insightful replies! I was worried about duplicate content if I put articles on my site and article sites but I guess if they are indexed on mine first then I cannot get penalized?!

    Also is manual back linking the best way or could software for forum profiles, blog commenting, article submitters etc be better?
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    My last question before serious action...
    Isn't that kind of like the fat person who says they will start their diet on Monday?

    Take action. Even if it's in the wrong direction it is still getting you closer to your goals than if you were to do nothing at all.
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    So you've learned some things just by reading. The most you'll ever learn is by taking some serious action. You'll probably fail at some things but have the data to pick yourself up and understand what you've got to do to start making money.
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