Anyone know a WordPress plugin that adds users to a mailing list before allowing them to download?

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I'm looking for a WordPress plugin that adds a form to the WordPress page so a user can enter their email address before it allows them to download a file. Or maybe emails them the download link, I don't mind.

I suspect I can do it with S2 Member, but that's a lot more plugin than I need!

Many thanks,
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    I think what you're looking for is an auto-responder.

    They will give you email opt-in forms you can place on your site. This allows your visitors to subscribe to your mailing list through the auto-responder company. They will then receive your welcome message from the auto-responder, in which you can place your download link.

    Popular Auto-responder providers are:

    Constant Contact
    Serious Plugins for Serious Businesses
    Premier Plugins | Premium Wordpress Plugins
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    There are a number of methods of doing this, if your "Giving away" a product in exchange for the privilege of adding them to your marketing list, I think you might have to provide some substantial value, but over all the psychology of that business model is less attractive as most of the time you will find that the emails being submitted are "throw away" in which case, the list will not be worth much to a marketer.

    So, the sending the download by email, has a much more attractive method of obtaining valid email addresses.

    If, your selling a product, its probably better to offer a membership where the value can be established over time, then you can build up a list that is more consumer driven.
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    Thanks for the replies. It seems as if a download link in the email is the best way to do it. The product is for a free WordPress theme, which may become paid once I've developed it further. I only really wanted the email list so I can alert people to updates, but thought it would also be a good marketing opportunity!

    As the product is free for a limited time only, perhaps it would be better to set it up like a paid system, but with a £0.00 charge.
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    Getdpd does look interesting, but for now I've found an ideal plugin called XYZ Newsletter - you can set custom emails etc, and I just added the download link to the email.

    If I ever do upgrade to, does it allow you to import email address lists?
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