Next Best Thing For Traffic? Solo Ads?

by Shza
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So I have been on a search for the next best thing for traffic besides being on top of the search engines.. I would like to hear your opinion on what is the next best thing.

I sell hip hop beats, so my target is hip hop artists, independent artists to be exact.

I have heard alot of people talking about gettin solo ads,, so i would like to know if anybody has had experience with them and if so, what source?

I have a good conversion rate on selling beats, so I just need consistent traffic so I can start making bigger profit, because right now I am just using adwords and it is not a big enough ROI so I am looking for another avenue for getting traffic.
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    How about buying Ads Space through

    Just look for website that related with your niche and place a banner on it. It's so easy
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    • Solo ads are a great way to tell your customers about your products and services by listing their benefits and features. This form of advertising can help you increase sales and traffic. By using solo ads, you are spreading the word about your business to those who are looking for what you offer.
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    You can go here >> Reed Floren's Solo Ad Directory
    This guy started a site where he buys solo ads from several vendors and gives his reviews, pretty cool you can read all the comments of other peoples experiences so that you can get a feel if their trust worthy or not!

    Good luck
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    Targetted ppv or Facebook ads may be the way to go
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    if your looking for solo ads outside of the IM niche then this thread will help you

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    I would be ALL OVER social media. Very target traffic and solid conversion rates.
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    I would go with social-media if I was you.

    That and forum marketing.

    If you take a look at the demographic buying the 'hip-hop' beats you will find a whole lot of them will be teenagers. Most teenagers are pretty impressionable and due to this I think you should make yourself a fan-page.

    One kid sees it and likes it, one of his friends notices he liked it and likes it to. So on, and so on.
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    I am for social media and forum marketing too. After all they don't cost too much and they are pretty targeted. There are targeted facebook fanpages and forums for almost every single niche, probably even down to micro-niches. Do give it a try !

    Hope I helped and good luck !
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    Personally, I don't find the search engines to be all that amazing for traffic. Why do I want to wake up one day and find that someone else's company has changed, so now my main source of traffic is gone?

    In your case, I would find a few forums specific to the music industry, join them, post daily, and once allowed create a signature linking to your site.

    A great alternative to solo ads that actually works better with niches like yours is article syndication. This is a process of getting your article posted to a newsletter in your industry with a link back to your website. There is a ton of info on the forum about it.

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    I think you should look into advertising with Facebook, I've heard you can go very specific on where your ads get displayed.
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    Actually, I am going to try solo ads, fighting the SEO battle is uphill all the way.

    if not now, when ?

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