Ethics of List Building

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Speaking about Email Marketing, I was just reflecting on the difference making as much money as you can from people VS helping them out and having some financial benefit as well yourself Of course a right balance between those 2 is KEY in this...

What do YOU think about list building? How can it be as Ethical and Right while making money at the same time from them..?

I guess just providing good content and offering only good products to affiliate from...

But then how OK is the whole process of Internet Marketing really?

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    I have no problem with ethics at all.
    Because I only share information I feel is worthwhile and helpful.

    In fact in a lot of cases, I suggest something that I myself use.

    By doing this, not only can I recommend something, I can recommend somethng that I have experience with.

    I won't comment on others, but I certainly unsubscribe fro people that pump something everyday.
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    If you give your customers good content, content that helps them move closer to their goals, they will like you and buy off you. But if you spam them every day with offers they will hit the unsubcribe button. Stupid. Why wouldn't you want to build a list of customers who keep buying off you...not just once?
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    Originally Posted by zenman108 View Post

    How can it be as Ethical and Right while making money at the same time from them..?
    Effective and ethical e-mail marketing involves a fair
    exchange between the list owner and subscriber.

    The list owner provides valuable content and relevant
    paid offers.

    In return, the subscriber gives their attention, and when
    appropriate, they buy offers that are useful to them.

    You get paid for bringing value to the marketplace.

    Dedicated to mutual success,



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    Thanks guys for the info, good points
    "Everything is revealed in a still mind"
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    If you treat your list with respect and only promote quality offers, you have nothing to worry about.

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    Giving them free good content helps warm them up to you. Do what you feel comfortable with: video, audio, document or PDF...

    Essentially, you're warming up your audience to trust you. When you have and keep their trust, they'll buy from you and keep buying from you.
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    Provide real value to them rather than selling. It is indeed a win-win situation. You have a great value products that help, you are also helping your list to improve.

    Think about it like your favorite restaurant, you need to eat anyhow, and the chef provides a great food, so you will go to eat all the time, even if its slightly more pricey. But you will still pay if you think it is worth the value.
    Stay consistent and FOCUS!
    This is the best system to succeed in internet marketing.
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      I may be going out on a limb here, but I say that even some of the "churn and burn" guys are being totally ethical.

      They're the ones that tell you up front that they are going to send a lot of offers. If you want to see what's out there, or you're afraid you'll miss the 'next big thing', you want to be on these guys' lists.

      They know that their model relies on getting a lot of people to sign up, get what they can from each of them, and replace them when those subscribers inevitably either unsubscribe or let the address go bad.

      For that matter, I get emails from one list several times a week, but I doubt I'll ever unsubscribe. The emails are nothing but offers - no pretense that they're anything else. They want me to buy stuff, period. Of course, by this time Amazon has a pretty good idea of which offers to send me...
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  • I think if you offer things you believe in while providing content and solutions there is no problem with making money.

    At last that is how I look at it. I offer my family and friends things that cost money because I believed it's something they could benefit from so it's the same with the list. If it's something I'm not comfterable offering to my family I would not offer to my list.

    I made a few mistakes along the way but I try to learn and improve as I go. Good luck.

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    Maintaining a list is a two-way process. You give your list additional knowledge and information that they can use in their businesses and daily lives and your list will pay attention to what you say. If you build a good relationship with your subscribers and they will take you seriously in anything that you say.

    When you launch your product you can send them a mail informing your subscribers about your launch. If you have made a good relationship with your subscribers many of them will buy it as another useful product form you. When a good product is launched by another marketer whom you recommend your subscribers will take your recommendation positively and buy that product.
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    if you loook after your list and do your best to help them as much as you can then you have nothing to worry about

    theres nothing wrong with recommending products to your list but just make sure you have looked at the product before you endorse it and dont send a promo every day like some of the idiots out there

    its the marketers that send you 1 promotion every day that really makes my blood boil

    im on a marketers list at the mo and im counting how often they send me an email when there is something to buy Vs some free valuable information

    so far the score is....

    Ive had x30 emails over the last couple of weeks

    x30 emails had an option of buying a product

    x0 emails with just free information

    go figure lol

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