Flippa Auctions - When do you get most bids?

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Do you find that most people bid in the last few hours or do you get some bids at the start of the auction too?

I like it when I get a good few bids in the first few hours so I can relax for the rest of the duration and just let it flow in the last few hours.

What are your opinions?
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    I get the most bids on the last day. If I don't have a starting bid amount, on the first days, I get a bunch of jack-monkeys that bid $10, hoping that they'll get a great site for ten bucks. I have a reserve price, so that doesn't happen.
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    i think flippa fee to sell a site is incredible high
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      Originally Posted by FFB View Post

      i think flippa fee to sell a site is incredible high
      It's not that high if you know you're selling quality. If you sell a site with good content and value to the customer, you can be making well over your listing fee.

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      I will guide you the whole way there.
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    Starting your auction at $1 gets you bids from brand new accounts, this happens 80% of the time. Which helps you. but like the above poster said the most bids come in the last day or few hours of the auction.

    it's all about getting your auction seen. Promoting although the add ons are a tad expensive to purchase for smaller type sales.
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    i sold 2 site there i think auctions ending sunday is you best bet
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    I am tired of the tire kicker $10 bids. So I think I may try starting my next Flippa listing at my reserve price. At least the first bidder will meet the reserve, but then I don't have to worry about the ridiculousness of the tire kickers. In the end it doesn't matter. It either sells or doesn't. And if it doesn't, Flippa lets you relist at half the listing price.
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    But I can tell you that most of the 'add ons' are not worth the money. Especially the twitter add on for $80.00! They only have like 3,600 followers. Heck! I have 15,000 followers on my twitter account. I should charge them to tweet my own listing.
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    Interesting point about the Twitter update at $80...it does seem quite ridiculous, doesn't it? We've never purchased it, but have wondered if there's something else that comes with it, wondered if their Twitter following is extremely responsive, etc. We only have around 900 followers on Twitter, but they're quite responsive and it's worthwhile. Our outsourcing company has over 6,000 of mostly bots...much less useful even with the larger number.

    Still...don't discount the $10 bids. While I understand that may be frustrating if it's nowhere close to your reserve...the more bids you get, the closer you get to the first page of the "Most Active" page. That's a popular spot on Flippa as it provides a ton of social proof. Getting on the first page there is highly valuable and tends to get you the value the site deserves...
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