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I bought a website made by a WF member.

After the site was made i am not ranking 500+ pages back so should not have got any traffic.

Then i started to get uniques and clicks on my ads. The problem is that i am worried that the WF member is doing something that might get me banned from adsense.

Basically all the traffic are going directly to the website so i asked the guy what was happening.

He replied
Our traffic is 100% white hat and comes from a variety of targeted sources including social media, forums, and news sites.

What do you guys think? Im a newbie btw!
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    I think the traffic is way too low to draw any kinds of conclusion.

    I think his answer was VERY broad.

    I think you should NOT worry just yet, 1st ask yourself if this WF member is reputable, this will get you started on the right foot to figure things out.
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      Add google analytics and get some more data.

      I wouldn't worry too much you have a low click through.

      But gather more data.

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    Google analyitics tells you where the traffic coming from, whether it's search engine or referral.

    James Scholes
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    Check where the traffic is coming from...
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    Try to check the IP addresses of the visitors if they are good or not proxy traffic. In your control panel you can see them, you can see also where the traffic came from. Check also the real time they spent on your site.
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    All traffic is direct. I will check web host thanks
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    Things have gotten really weird now that google has changed everything AGAIN lol. Ive seen a ton of traffic spikes on a lot of my WEB 2.0 properties too. Some of my sites that were on pages 3 and 4 are now in Google spot # 1 so there are some really weird things happening out there.

    Enjoy it while it lasts!
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    No need to worry, your site may get the positive effect from the last google update
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    Are you using webmaster tools, this will tell you your search queries. I think you need to give it more time its hard to tell after such a short period
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    The website has only been online for 3 days though?
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    Did you check other search engines also such as Bing and Yahoo? The traffic might have come from there instead of Google.

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    Just curious how many uniques you noticed between the 23rd and 24th? The difference in page views between the two days is quite drastic, but are much of the page views coming from the same source?

    I agree with the others - use Google Analytics, Statcounter, etc to try and determine where the traffic is coming from, and examine the traffic over the next few coming days to get a better picture of what is going on with your website.

    Elizabeth Fee
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    If you are worried this guy is trying to get you banned do not use Google analytics but do use some form of analytics to analyze your website like stat counter or piwik etc.

    Do not also use google webmaster tools using bing webmaster tools and monitor your website.

    If your website is using wordpress install free plugins that allow you to monitor traffic source and allows you to block ip addresses from visiting your website

    Turn adsense off for a period of time and replace it with infolinks etc or something that you feel is safer.

    Hope your website and account turns out fine

    Take care

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    If you are still worried then remove your google adsense code on that site then investigate much further and when you are comfortable then add it again.

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    Better find out quick where exactly those clicks and traffic are coming from ... if Google doesn't like that traffic, they will ban your Adsense acct.
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    The traffic has died off now. Here is the breakdown of the visitors.

    1. Poland 79 12.72%
    2. India 60 9.66%
    3. Ukraine 54 8.70%
    4. Romania 38 6.12%
    5. Russia 35 5.64%
    6. Philippines 32 5.15%
    7. Indonesia 31 4.99%
    8. Pakistan 27 4.35%
    9. Bulgaria 26 4.19%
    10. Hungary 18 2.90%
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    I have turned off the google analytics plugin and turned off ad words on the site.

    I have asked seller for a refund of the price and i will transfer the domain and files over for him to resell.

    Hopefully he agrees.
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