A 156-year-old internet marketing prodigy from beyond the grave?!

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If you think your great, great (great?) grandparents' generation has nuthin' to teach us young-guns about online marketing, you're as dead wrong as they are long gone. (With exception to Keith Richards, of course - he'll live forever. There are even reports he went down playing on the Titanic!)

All right, not exactly.

But internet marketing as done by a good deal of us here isn't quite as straightforward as the IM guides sometimes make out. And if you can't succeed by doing what's taught, you can always learn by example. And what an example I have for you today, in a "real-world" market beyond IM/MMO, no less, to demonstrate that folks leading others aren't the only ones making bank (as if you needed confirmation of that).

Stanley Gibbons is where it's at, people.

Anyone with pertinent interests will doubtless have heard of this esteemed company, many more may have seen their AdSense ads plastered around the 'net, and the rest of you... well, come out from under that rock already and pay attention.

They're in "alternative investments" and trade stamps, coins, documents and fingymabobs, among other rare collectibles. Check out their Wikipedia for a little condensed history, if you're interested, and then head on over to their site. And specifically this page, which is where the opt-in's at!

Their site's changed a little recently (hopefully nothing else has), but here we have a free, high-quality, relevant incentive to gather leads and opt-ins to their mailing list. Check it out, and more importantly, do yourself the favour of staying on their list for a while to get a feel for their mailings.

I happened upon it by chance some months ago, and even though I'm not a even a collector/investor (yet! ), you wouldn't drag me away with a gun to my head. And not just because they're providing me a free masterclass in e-salesmanship!

I receive courteous, professional, well-presented and genuinely informative emails from these guys on a regular basis, containing all manner of fascinating stories and historical anecdotes - and, most importantly, no shortage of sales pitches infused effortlessly into the accompanying narrative. All done tastefully, with immense aptitude and, I would imagine, to great effect.

Which is the reason I'm eager for you all to check them out. At a time when so many marketers' (not just in the IM/MMO niches, either) mailouts spiral ever deeper into the cesspit of sewage, it takes something quite special to coerce one's itchy trigger finger away from the unsubscribe button. Good examples are thin on the ground, and most of those who do make a good job wouldn't dream of exposing their niches and sites to ravenous marketers.

They've earned my respect as a company, through email, and that means I receive their communications not only tolerantly but gratefully, and devour every single one with great interest, studying their images and photos, clicking through any provided links, etc. So aside from the fact that most of what they pitch is way beyond affordability right now (whoa, steady Eddie!), as well as a bit beyond my immediate investment interests (sorry Stanley!), they've worked their magic on me good.

I'm dizzy with the fizzy, baby, and desperate to put out.

Isn't this precisely how we want our prospects to feel about, and react to, our emails?

Learn from the best or mope with the rest.
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