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by Kaplan
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Well my main question is in the title box, as I was wondering can you specifically track where whoever opts in actually comes from? I'm with aweber.

Also, I have a 2nd unrelated question which might not be welcomed warmly....but I just want to hear some answers and if I get one idea that would be enough, it is: If you wanted to make $100/day from scratch in the quickest way, what would you do?
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    1. AWeber has a tracking by web form already build in, you can use that.

    2. Build a sales funnel filled with otos, up sales and cross sales, and (more importantly) with at least a 2 month follow sequence providing results in advance content, and promoting affiliate offers.

    Would take around 3 weeks to a month to set up, but once set up I then have a machine working for me.

    Oh, and as for traffic, buying solo ads, doing ad swaps and using my list to set up integration partners.

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      How exactly do you find out from where the person that opted in came to your website and opted in? Do you mean meta_adtracking: original ? Am I looking at the wrong place?

      Thanks for your help
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    1. Log into your AWeber account and select web forms.

    2. Select the web form you want to track.

    3. Under the Settings (middle) tab, there should be a button called "Show Advanced Settings", Click that.

    4. More fields should fade in, under the field "Ad Tracking:" enter in what ever you want it to be called.

    5. Click save and your all done.

    Now whenever somebody opt-ins to your list, you can use the ad tracking code and segment them out or do whatever you need to do with those people. I hope I made that clear.

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    'meta_adtracking' tells you which form they filled in, 'Location' tells you the page of your site this form was on.
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      I think the problem is with how I asked my question.

      Basically, if someone comes to my site from a specific adwords ad, or a specific URL, and opts in, how can I find out from where they exactly came from? I realise analytics is used to track your website, but I want to track specifically where people that actually opt in come from.
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