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I know there are a very wide range of possible answers for my question but I'd like to see if there is an "average" answer.

We would like to make a video for our automobile stone chip repair business. This is not an Academy Award type of video, it's instructional and informative, and would last about two minutes. I think most people would drift away after about that amount of time. This video would be on youtube and our site would link to it.

I am wondering what would be an average cost to make a simple yet decently done video. I have a very nice video camera, but I have no experience in this. I can certainly try this myself, and I will. But if I have to hire someone, I dont want to get ripped off either. My son has the idea we need to spend $2K for such a video! This is just not possible nor do I think it's necessary. I have a radio DJ friend who's been on air and doing voice overs for 35 years, and he will help me with this.

Who's made a simple, but well done, video that is basically instructional? What did you pay, if I may be so nosey. I live in a rural area where options are few and am willing to travel a couple of hours to get this done.

Thanks for any advice.
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    I would be interested in this too.
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      Hopefully we'll get some replies that will help us! I know the answer can be - how long is a piece of string...

      ChipFixx custom mixed auto touchup paint kits.

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    Cool, now I'm assuming that you are wanting to make the video for the website. If this is true, then I'm on the right track, so to speak...

    When I start the process of making a video, planning is key and I tend to always start with "what is the purpose of this video?". So what I can gather from your website is they you offer low cost and easy to do fixes on cars. I.E. chipped paint, dents, etc...

    So, what is the main purpose of somebody wanting to get their car repainted? Now I'm am no expert in the DIY car repairing business, but if I can an ugly spot on my car that I wanted repainted, the main purpose of me wanting it repaired is to have people notice my car.

    You will know the answer to that question better than me, after I have found the purpose of the video I want to create it because a matter of creating the script around that purpose.

    Which I have a simple formula that I follow, and here it is:

    Step 1: Pattern Break - You mention you are wanting to put this on YouTube, you GOT to understand the mindset of somebody surfing YouTube, they are there mainly for entertainment (*hint: Your video should be both entertaining and instructional). Now a pattern break is simple, it is ANYTHING that breaks the mindset (pattern) of the traffic (YouTube visitors) and makes them pay attention to your video.

    Your YouTube Analytics will tell you if you've done this correctly.

    Step 2: Delivering the content, this is where the instructional part of the video comes into play. To better understand this part, there are two basic questions I always want to answer...

    A. Here is what I got...
    B. Here is what it will do for you...

    Make sure you answer those questions (important), and if you have any social proof (testimonials) then you can add a "C" question: Here are the results others have gotten using this...

    Step 3: Your Call to Action, Finally rap it up with a STRONG call to action, basically tell them what to do next. It can be anything and the more straight forward you are, the more people will take you seriously.

    Something like: Quickly go to for a free diagnostic check on your car...

    Make sure you give them a reason why to check your website.

    I hope that helps and if you are wanting a good example of this formula in action, then here is a cool little commercial about selling razors.

    Hope it helps,
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    just goto Warriors For Hire

    then press "ctrl+f" to find the keyword: video

    you will find a lot of video creator


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    I have paid $100 a minute with no actor, and $200 a minute with an actor and quality was still not 2k is not all that unreasonable unfortunately

    Voice over can cost $500 just for 10 minutes and thats CHEAP!


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