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Hi, does anyone know if buying from a e-mail list actually works?

I am testing a new domain marketingnnewyorkcity (dot) com

I am promoting a marketing program on YouTube and I wanted to know if buying e-mail lists work or not.
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    If your talking about buying solo ads, then YES you can build a good list fast with solo ads, however, if you are talking about do people buy from emails, then the answer is still YES. Thing about all the product launches going on, there is a new one every day it seems.
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    I prefer to make my own list by myself. If you are unable to make your list then you may buy from other. But, before buying list be sure that they are good targeted.
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    I don't think buying lists works, I have never had success with it nor do I know anyone who has had success
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    You can use solo ads to help increase your own list and then build a relationship with your new subscribers. As for buying complete mailing lists (ie - scraped emails, or abandonned lists) that that is unsolicited email and is not the way to go.. and it would yield ZERO results.
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      If you have the time rather invest it in building your own list . If you treat your clients well they will open your emails because they have a relationship with you .

      So buying lists often does not yield results . Those lists have often been used to much anyway and the people you might be sending to may already be suffering from email overload
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    Buying list of subscribers and then mailing them would be illegal, since they never
    subscribed to you in the first place. You would be swiftly reported for spamming.

    Even if you want to break the law, it won't do you much good, cause in general such
    lists are useless and unresponsive. If they were good they wouldn't be selling them.
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    Yes I agree. Buying list does not work because i have tried in the past and it did not work. they will provide old list which might have been used by so many which will not give any result.
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    If you try to buy a list en masse and emailing them, is basically spam. It's actually not even legal any more.

    You need to build a list and hopefully engage with them.

    If you do so properly, you'll make sales.

    I suggest you grab a list building course (either a free on or a paid one) to get the basics down properly and not spin your wheels,

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    If you are talking about solo ads, ABSOLUTELY !

    If you are talking about email lists , my answer is still ABSOLUTELY !
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