This ONLY Works if You have a Email List and the Secret Ingredients...

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Ok, so this isn't going to work unless you already have an email list AND the secret ingredients, which is...

A working relationship with them, and I mean by this are they opening, engaging and consuming your content.

This is important...

Now for the method, I do this at-least once a month and over time, it will totally automated your lead generation.

Now you know you must be getting the highest quality leads into your sales funnels and one of the best methods for getting the highest quality leads is by using integration marketing as a traffic sources.

And for those who don't know what I'm talking about, simple put, integration marketing is a form of joint venturing, where you place a banner ad on your jv partner's download page (squeeze or sales) and they place one on theirs.

That way, when they get a new lead or sale, they will see your banner ad.

So how does your email list come into play, well it is simple.

You send out a broadcast email asking for partners. Now your people should already be interested in whatever topic you've build list in, so you should get (depending on your relationship with the list) a good number of people who are wanting to increase there lists size.

I've found that most people only use their email lists for a one thing, driving traffic. But in reality your email list is three assets in one.

1. Traffic asset (driving people to your blog or where ever)
2. Cash Flow assets (selling something to your list)
3. Content Asset (You can have them create content for you)

This method is'nt hard, all you are doing is asking people who've already said they are interested in whatever niche your in to become a partner with you.

Think about it, if you just get 20 partners and they deliver just 5 leads per day, that's 100 new leads per day coming into your sales funnels. And the best part is, your getting this leads for FREE and you are building a stronger relationship with your list, because you are helping them get results in their business by getting new leads.

Now here is how I handle all the partners, my download pages are typically on a WordPress page and the way I handle all the integration partners is I use a simple WordPress plug-in called AdRotate.

And I make a ad group just for my integration partners, that way, when the page is loaded the AdRotate plug-in displays just one of my partners banner ads and I have a way of tracking which banners are getting clicked.

Which is good market research to know, because I know what kind of content to create and what they are wanting from me.

Anyways, I don't want to make this a long post, so tell me your thoughts on the traffic method...

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