Has Anyone Have Good Success In Recruiting Good Affiliates To Promote Their Products on Clickbank?

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Hello all,

I'm new here, so just posting this to get some advice and direction.
I've been an affiliate marketer for the past two years and recently have gone down the vendor / product owner route on ClickBank and have launched a couple of products.

I'm now looking to find affiliates to work with on a long-term basis.

Has anyone here had good success in sourcing good affiliates? If so, how have you gone about it and what was the process?

I've been to JVNotifypro.com, JVBillboard.com and posted here in the JV section.

I'd just like to know people's experiences please

Thanks in advance!

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    I've had some success, I've found two methods that I typically use to get affiliates from Clickbank.

    Method 1: Self promoting your product and selling it as an affiliate, this will boost your gravity score which then will get more eyes looking at your Clickbank product. I typically use solo ads with a follow up sequence to self-promote my products.

    Method 2: I use the Clickbank ppc sponsor link to start building affiliates. A lot of people use the sponsor links to promote there products, but the vast majority of people who go to Clickbank is to find a product to promote.

    Those are typically the methods I use to build my affiliate lists, I've always found this method this going big a doing a large product launch, less work an easier to set up.

    Just make sure you have a high converting product with a good EPC.
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      Thanks for the tips, very informative...
      I've not aware what solo ads are, can you please enlighten me?
      Yes, with regard to clickbank ppc, I've contacted clickbank yesterday and awaiting a reply...

      I currently, use facebook ads to push my products to increase grav...
      I have a couple of affiliates, but it would be nice to have one or two heavyweights on board...


      Jerry Frempong

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    np, solo ads are simple email advertising. You find somebody with an email list in your niche and you give them some money and the email to send to their list.

    And in that email you promote a squeeze page, to build your email list, then people will join your list and go through the follow up sequence and some will buy your product through your own self promoted affiliate link.

    Basically, you are paying people to send out emails to their lists.
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    Oh I see... That makes sense.
    So would I simply search for my niche solo ads and go from there?


    Jerry Frempong

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    you can go to soloaddirectory.com for a list of solo ad vendors. Keep in mind that these vendors are mostly in the IM niche, however you can always ask if they have lists in other niches.
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    I find fastspring is far superior to clickbank. What experiences have you had?
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      I'm currently having a great experience with Clickbank and now looking to maximise and leverage other affiliates skills and experience. This is new territory for so by hearing your advice is much appreciated. I'll have a look at fastspring too.

      Jerry Frempong

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    Good topic thanks
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    Have a look at cbleads.com as well. They have about 20k members that are all affiliates, so easy to pick up some quality affiliates there...
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      Originally Posted by KillerSalesDesign View Post

      Have a look at cbleads.com as well. They have about 20k members that are all affiliates, so easy to pick up some quality affiliates there...
      Excellent, I will check this out too!


      Jerry Frempong

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    I have a fulltime business using clickbank. Most people bag them, but they do not know how to use them properly.

    I find offline sources and also online forums the best too to do some solid networking. Do not underestimate the offline world for online stuff. It is truely powerful and you can get big businesses who who big lists of clients, where one blast could make you 10k or more like we have experienced before.
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