Day 5: Failing at IM, Winning (a little) offline

by MChai
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So here's my situation. I've got a 9-5 that barely pays the bills. Then I go and do my private gigs after work to have some money for the future.

When I come home, I've got a wife and two small kids in a one-room place. I'm trying to absorb all this new information, the kids are making a racket, the wife's none too impressed by my sudden devotion to the computer.

I'm ashamed to say I got really ratty with the DADDY DADDY every five minutes at first, but thankfully I realized that I'm doing this for my family. Of course, I'd rather chat with my daughter than stare at this screen!


IM seems like a huge hump ahead of me, full of known unknowns and a whole heap of unknown unknowns. Everything I read just adds to the pile, it's making me feel dizzy.

I've decided it's going to take me a year or two of solid effort before I can feasibly start making returns. I've got to actually learn and be proficient in a few things:
A. Writing
B. Marketing
C. Technical wotjumacallits (building internet sites)

That's fine. What I must do is find small, practical things I can do each day to flex my muscles at each skill. Just reading about it won't cut the mustard.

The day I joined this site is day 0 for me. I'm full of ideas and hope and the possibility of change. I can't say I'm making any progress in IM, but this new attitude is already making some changes in real life.

1. My private gig is tutoring. I gave each of the kids a plastic folder, with a design featuring my 'branding' but designed by the kids! They're all really excited about it! Such a simple idea, I know, but I wouldn't have thought of it a week ago.

2. I made a Sales Pitch to my boss at work! Started off well, but I got a bit tongue-tied and flubbed it. He said he'd put it before the board. I really should have done more preparation.

3. I used to be a bit aloof, now I'm ready and willing to talk to anyone about anything. I'll spend all day at work chatting if I get the chance. Work performance is hard to measure, I think being socially acceptable is probably going to do me more favors.

4. I'll give to people when I can. Good advice given here is like water in the desert to me. Some coins out of my pocket to someone so far down they're begging on the street? No sweat.
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    I know what you mean about trying to work in a less than optimum environment. You are right, in order to succeed, you will have work from where you right now. You've already got some solid goals laid out for yourself which is the FIRST place to start. Step one and done.

    Perhaps try being more detailed with your goals especially in the area of the amount of time you plan to spend, so that other areas of your life don't get neglected. I'm sure I don't have to tell you that the wife and kids must come first...and they have to feel it. You can *think* you're putting them first by studying your craft, but if they don't feel it, expect problems.

    What kind of sites do you want to build? Just basic Web 2.0 sites, Flash, WordPress?

    Based on this brief post you've written, I'd say you have a pretty good start on the writing. You can do this. Like you said, you're looking at a couple years...if you do it well, you'll start reaping rewards sooner rather than later. Best of luck!
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    I can so identify with you in your situation. I'm much further along in the process, but still trying to find my corner of the world to cater to. A few suggestions to help you along the way.

    Question 1: Do you have time in the car/bus/subway when you have time to listen to information? If so, check out some of the podcasts that are available for free. A few to get you started:

    NichePursuits (Spencer just started recording podcasts)
    Adsense Flippers
    Smart Passive Income (Pat Flynn)
    Internet Business Mastery

    I find that I get motivated, energized and come up with all kinds of ideas by listening to these podcasts when I'm travelling.

    Also you might consider reading or listening via audiobook to these books:

    4 Hour Work Week - Tim Ferris
    Think and Grow Rich - Napoleon Hill

    The Tim Ferris book turned my life around and pointed me in this direction.

    I will add that you might look at this and think, but I don't want to go into Adsense flipping or something like that, but in most of these items above I find information that I can apply to just about anything I am interested in doing. I wouldn't disregard learning new information.

    Suggestion #2:
    You mention learning how to create websites, or as you put it Technical wotjumacallits. Join this site here and go through the video courses on WordPress. WordPress101 They still have the $19 option available for all their training videos. Well worth the money. Once you get WordPress under your belt, you'll have the tools you need to build more and move forward.

    Suggestion #3:
    Find a local Internet Marketing Users Group/Mastermind group. Visit this forum here on the Warrior Forum to see if there is one in your area. Local Meetings, Mastermind Groups, And Forum Events

    Yes this might mean taking a day off each month from extra work or the family to meet with a group of like minded individuals, but the benefits can be immeasurable. It all depends on the group though. Some groups just aren't large enough or have individuals who can help you move forward, but it's worth checking out.

    Suggestion #4:
    Join the Warroom. I know you mentioned that reading alone won't cut the mustard, however I would say that taking a few days or even a week and working through a large amount of the information available in the warroom will provide you with the knowledge you can use to focus your efforts and guide your direction. I personally believe that having a good understanding of what is out there and available will help you as you progress on your journey.

    Lastly, I would warn you that it's not a simply easy process. What you learn today might not necessarily be something that can be done tomorrow. For example, the latest changes with Google's algorithm has made Adsense Site building an interesting process now. It's not the same as it was even a few weeks ago. All those courses out there that tell you how to become rich with Adsense just won't work as well this week.

    Having a good understanding of the broad range of topics out there will help you weed through the information and setup a firm foundation to build from.

    I hope that information is helpful to you and I'd be happy to help you further if you have any questions. I don't have all the answers for sure, but I am willing to help where I can. Good Luck!
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    Originally Posted by MChai View Post

    I'm ashamed to say I got really ratty with the DADDY DADDY every five minutes at first, but thankfully I realized that I'm doing this for my family. Of course, I'd rather chat with my daughter than stare at this screen!


    IM seems like a huge hump ahead of me, full of known unknowns and a whole heap of unknown unknowns. Everything I read just adds to the pile, it's making me feel dizzy.
    Boy I can really identify with the need to find a solution - just for the sake of being able to focus and concentrate.

    I'm a stay@home mom and quit my engineering job so that I could stay home with the little ones after they were born. When I first decided to jump into the world of IM, I found it really difficult to concentrate - naturally with kids around they require so much attention. I still struggle with that, but have now made it to the point where I am able to hire some part-time help. Additionally, I work quite a bit in the evenings when my husband is home - and he, too, was not so thrilled with my laptop attached to me non-stop.

    The good thing is that you have kept your main motivation in sight - which is that you are trying to get to a better place for your family. Sometimes you just have to get a little creative with your schedule, but what's helped me through this is that I commit to a schedule where for the hours I have to work - I focus on only work and get rid of the fluff and distractions as much as possible.

    All other hours of the day, I put all of my energy into the kids and my family. Finding that balance is the big key here, and it may take some time before you get into the perfect groove (like I said, I am STILL trying to fine tune my schedule).

    Your situation is a bit tougher as you are working during the day with the expectation to be there for the family at night, all the while trying to get the IM thing going.

    Just remember that small steps towards your goals are huge accomplishments. Try to not to look at the big picture right now as it can start to overwhelm and make you feel dizzy. Breaking things down to a more simplistic level often helps me keep my focus better.

    For example, if I set a goal for the day - the goal may not be to build an entire website, but rather... just get the domain registered. If I accomplish that then the next day the goal might be to install WordPress. Each of those are small tasks, but when accomplished, it brings you that much closer to your overall goal. I hope I'm making sense.

    Much luck to you and hold on to those small "wins" - whether online or offline!

    Elizabeth Fee
    The Niche Mom - My personal blog to inspire and guide you towards earning an income online.

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    If there is to much background noise. Causing you to look consideration. I would go to a park(if you have a laptop and can tether off your phone). Park is a beautiful place to go with positive surroundings!
    "Stop thinking! and just DO!"

    FBAFORUMS.COM - Grow your FBA Business
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