How many pages are your ebooks?

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How many pages do you usually have in your ebook products you sell to customers?
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    How long is a piece of string?

    "May I have ten thousand marbles, please?"

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    Ok, I should have seen that one coming.

    For products under $50, how many pages on average are your products? I'm trying to get an idea of how long the average ebook should be.
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    256 -pages and...

    exactly 55"

    Seriously...a how-to ebook should be about helping your prospect achieve a desired outcome, if that can be done in 20-pages, fine - if it takes 100 pages - ok.

    We have ebooks in the 40-page range, special reports that sell for ebook prices, and we have longer ebooks that have evolved through period updates to be more than 200 pages.

    More important to have

    1. Compelling desire as your target
    2. Hot title that communicates the hope for achieving that desire
    3. Quality sales site and lead generation funnel
    4. Good feedback mechanism on the back-end to help improve and create new products based on your customer feedback

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    Most of my ebooks are under 100 pages. My shortest is 28 pages. (12 point signal spaced type.)
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    The length of your eBook is directly linked to the niche you're in and the amount of information you need to impart to your readers.
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    Don't get hung on the length of the book, spend time making it a quality product.

    Having a good "thump factor" may impress some people, but if the content is crap then you've wasted your time. Also if I buy something and find 500 pages I'm going to think WTF I bought a report not a novel.
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    Long enough to deliver what you promised, short enough to actually get read and not sit on a harddrive gathering e-dust.
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  • Take the time and trouble to find out what people want in a given niche before you decide what's the best length of an ebook. Those who say, "The shorter the better -- respect people's time", may find they must go longer for a specific niche or subject.

    Likewise, those who are sure they must "go long" should consider something: you may be in love with your own work so much that you failed to notice your audience went to sleep a while ago.

    No, really!

    Vince Runza
    "The will to prepare to win is more important than the will to win." -- misquoting Coach Vince Lombardi
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      What I see here is you want to find out how not to disappoint your readers by not delivering enough. On the other hand you would not want to deliver an ebook that is too heavy for the reader to read and for you to write.

      I have bought eBooks for 7USD at 30 to 60 pages and I have bought eBooks for 230 USD at around 1.000 pages.

      So yes it depends on the quality but if you do not have quality info to at least 20 or 30 pages I would definitely do some more research on the subject. If you have then go for it and let me know if I can help Warrior to Warrior.

      Hope you can use this in your further work.

      Good luck
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    Originally Posted by AlphaRosa View Post

    How many pages do you usually have in your ebook products you sell to customers?
    Depends on the subject.
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  • Hi AlphaRosa, my short ebook was 25 pages, my longest 58.

    See you soon,
    Alessandro Zamboni
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    You do not need page.. focus on the quality because quality is everything.
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      I agree with everyone that it isn't about the page length. Just start putting together quality information and see where it goes. I find I have usually researched too broad and end up pulling some content out after it is written and that actually gives me a starting point for another ebook.
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        Most of my e-book are under 30 pages filled with
        contents that my readers will find helpful.

        if it's going to be a long page, I'll divide it.

        I want to make sure that my readers don't find
        it boring or get tried scrolling down the page.
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    My short ebook was 50 pages, my longest 150 pages.
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    Length of ebooks does not matter. I've seen 5 page free reports that are "better" than 100+ page ebooks. It all depends on your content and presentation.

    Though sometimes longer ebooks are actually less attractive to me than shorter ones. I want a quick, informative read, not a novel filled with fluff (which is what a lot of "long" ebooks really are).
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    Someone asked a legendary copywriter how long should an ad be.

    He replied as long as it needs to be.
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    Forget about the pages. Give an e book which is useful or at least it makes the reader happy for the moment he reads it.
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    I thought you would probably get the 'as long as necessary' type of reply to this question and it's not a bad reply either imho. However, I do understand where you're coming from, so I'll let you have my thoughts.

    I create a lot of free reports that I give away from my site. I like them to be about 5K words. That's a nice length to read while sitting at your PC. However, for paid books, I feel you need to find a way of adding value and I like to do that by providing a professionally transcribed MP3 in addition to the PDF. For those products, I like them to be around 10K words because that word length translates to about 1 hour of listening time - which I think is ideal.

    Now, for Kindle, I can tell you they can be a tough crowd. My front runner is a semi-autobiographical account of growing-up in Liverpool in the sixties. I (originally) priced it at just $2.99 and the word length was 23K words. Take a look at the review below ...

    A quick read, which I couldnt put down. Very reminiscent of my childhood. I did not quite associate the reference as Fergus was mentioned very little after the first chapter. However I really enjoyed the book and it left me wanting to hear more. Hopefully a sequel to come.
    It is a genuine review from someone I don't know and, although it is basically a good review - I am particularly pleased with the comment about not being able to put it down - notice the reviewer said it was 'a quick read'. I am not saying you can't sell shorter books on Kindle (you can, and I do) but my own rule of thumb will be to try to make them at least 25K words.

    Hope all of that helps you.

    Best wishes,

    Whether you are a Reader, an Author or a Website Owner, we have something for you!

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