How many websites do you have?

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I'm interested to know how many websites you have, and how many products you promote.

I sell two main training programs which I am the author of, and have about six websites, but I think I should have more at the front-end (and I should sell more products!).

What about you?


P.S. Is the WF still active and responsive at the weekend.
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    I only have one web site. I think that a common thing for everyone to do is have too many web sites. If you cannot spend enough time on your projects, how are you going to successfully grow any of them? I find that if I focus on my web site and I have a solid business plan, it is much more difficult to have days where I get nothing done.

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      Currently I have one website that I am concentrating on.
      I think what Richard said is very true.
      I plan onto grow my one site till I hit my goal.
      Then consider moving into a similar niche and create
      another website.


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        I have TONS of site's with varying niche's... some of them are real income pullers, and then others make up little but lots collectively....

        I personally think that the up-sell is more important, previous buyers marketing... and that's what I intend to focus on in the next 12 motnhs.. cut down on some of my site's and focus on the larger ones that will have an up-sell to a larger product implemented..


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          5 or so for me .

          For the record I know two millonaries who have at least 30+ sites each, there's more than one way to skin a cat, multiple niche sites with relatively small traffic can create huge revenue combined.
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            About a dozen that I actively work on, but they've been built up over the course of just as many years.
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              I have a about 7 but I use about
              3 of them for selling and one for
              my blog...

              What all the great scripts out there
              you can have one domain but selling
              multiple products from it like a wheel

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                I am going to veer off topic here, but I have to ask... why do you hit enter after every couple of words?
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                  I am running 3 blogs...
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                    I am a new member to this forum and would just like to say Hi.

                    I own three websites and feel that you should concentrate on each one until you squeeze out as much out of it as you can, then move onto the next.

                    Once you have fully monatized and optimized each website, it will more or less work on autopilot while you move on to the next.

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