What are the chances of flipping a new Site?

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Hey, what are changes of flipping a fresh new site a earn some little money?

How do i value add to increase the price of the website?
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    It would depend on a few things, primarily the average revenue the website is generating. How much is your site earning?
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    It's hard really to add value that will convert to cash when flipping a brand new site. Several things will make it more valuable though, such as

    A lot of great, unique content
    A great design and/or programming features
    A unique ebook/product to sell
    Matching/Branded Facebook Fan Page and Twitter Account
    A List
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    If the new site got established, meaning you have some revenue, and you have a premium domain name + some traffic then you have chances on getting some good money for it.
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    even a new site can make some money for you, but it is not much.

    you can do keyword research, buy a domain that have SEO value, and build the site with unique content.

    build some backlink for the site (you can use fiverr)

    then list it on flippa with all the detail, telling the buyer the value of the keyword and soon it will start making money.

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    Originally Posted by bloation View Post

    Hey, what are changes of flipping a fresh new site a earn some little money?

    How do i value add to increase the price of the website?
    You will basically just make less money because there won't be any revenue or traffic statistic...
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    You can get revenue to a new site by using AdWords to drive a lot of converting traffic (if you do it right), so even a very new site can show genuine high earnings.

    You also might want to consider listing the site for sale on DigitalPointForums (I think that's the right name), who, once you've posted 25 posts, don't charge you anything to sell, so you can sell cheaply and still make a profit, unlike Flippa etc. where the listing costs so much you have to sell for more than that to make a profit.

    Hope that helps

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    New sites are being flipped all the time. It's actually not that hard to build, but you kind of have to hype up your site a bit like it's going to be some awesome money generator that has huge potential if the buyer puts a little time into it. As long as your site looks nice and offers something decent, you should be able to sell it.
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    Originally Posted by bloation View Post

    Hey, what are changes of flipping a fresh new site a earn some little money?

    How do i value add to increase the price of the website?

    The chances? Depends on what you have and what people want.

    The site is only as valuable as the income it generates. It does not matter if you have a list, FB page, or whatever else if the site doesn't make good income.

    Pricing of a site amounts to this simple formula: monthly income X 10. (income times ten)

    so if you're making 5/month with a brand new site, and you find a buyer, you can sell it for $50. if you have extras to throw in, then great, but they have no impact on the value of the site. usually they're freebies in these transactions. income times ten. that's it.
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    if you're good at sales pages then you could probably sell people on the potential. Like Suzanne mentioned, make sure it has UNIQUE content, a clean design...just an overall appearance that it wasn't thrown together in a matter of minutes. You won't get huge dollars for them, but if you make enough of them it could pay off for you.

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      I have sold a few new sites with no revenue, no backlinks, and no traffic on Flippa before... The amount of money you can expect to make on these "entry level" sites is considerably less than what an established site would earn. So if you want to make a business out of flipping new sites, you have to go for volume.... You just need to make sure your Flippa listing has quality content and a good sales pitch. It also helps to throw in some extras and bonuses to attract bidders.
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