I need some help with Twitter marketing, please !

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Hi guys, i am trying to promote my CPA site on Twitter, i can make as much as it is needed accounts with a lot of followers and i have Twitter Adder software, but i do not know how to make it work.I tryed shooting out tweets manualy on twitter and replying on other people tweets who are interested in my site, but i can't get any visits.
I have read a lot of good things about twitter, people are getting huge traffic from it, but i can't make a single view.
Can anybody help me, please?
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    Are your followers real people or bots? Bots don't click through.
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    I dont understand why i have had no sales on my website,i have done all that i have been told to do and more,business cards etc but no sales,help!
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    @JimWaller , they are real people, at last, they act like they are ( joking, they are real ppl ).

    I have even worser problem, i don't even have traffic from damn Twitter, i am not selling anything either, just CPA...

    We need some expert's advices, that's for sure .
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    I would imagine that you are not focusing your Tweets properly. Does your CPA site focus on a particular demographic? Are you targeting that particular demographic with your Tweets?

    The primary mistake I have seen in marketing of CPA sits is that they are built without a specific target audience in mind. Even narrowing down your target demographic to (for example) females 18-24 years of age will be better than trying to reach "everyone." Or, in other words, don't have offers for Christian dating on the same page as offers for poker rooms.
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    I would stop. The real people you think you have are prolly bots or spammers. Twitter is not an effective marketing utility IMO. Why? Because too many people used it the wrong way. Now the only good use for it is worshiping celebrities and pretending that they care.

    You're wasting your time on Twitter. You have to have somewhat of a celebrity status to get any attention or traffic from there.

    Say, why don't you write a book about Twitter marketing, promote the hell out of it, and then become a new authority on the subject? That's one way to get that celebrity status, and then Twitter will be your new goldmine!
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    Dario, I feel you. And trying to monetize social media is like trying to catch air with a bedsheet.

    Lemme see if I can dig up a video that will give you an understanding of how to proceed. . .

    Perry Belcher: Don’t be a Jerk in the Social Marketing Sphere « TevisVerrett.com

    Take a bit of time to watch this video. Then adhere to the 80/20 rule. . .

    80% unselfish informational content
    20% shameless self promotion. . .

    This is what works for me!

    Be well, much luck, and this is my .03,


    Tevis Verrett, Boss of Triumvirate Capital Group
    Always Looking for New Affiliate & JV Partners:
    Ever wanted to make money selling money? We teach Financial Literacy. . . for the rest of us!

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    If you include a link with every tweet you make then people will think of you as a spammer and not click on those links. If you look at tweets other 'non marketers' are making you get a lot of 'I woke up late today' type of tweets. Add a few obvious non marketing tweets and make friends with your followers then when you do add a link, people are more likely to click on them.
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