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I want to optimize my video creation to be more effective and to create better video quality.

Right now I use windows movie maker and Powerpoint.

I know many uses Animoto but I haven't been able to create quality products with this application yet.

Do any of you fellow Warriors have any good examples of Anomoto videos?

How do you create good instructional and sales videos?

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    I use Camtasia. It's pricey, but worth it.

    CamStudio is a similar yet open source (and free) program.

    I tried WMM, and nearly threw my desktop through the wall in frustration.
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    I use Camstudio to capture my screen.
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    Hai Peter,
    Like @Ponvedhan say, "Camstudio (Camstasia) to capture the screen". But for editing, i use Adobe Premiere.
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      Ok thanks guys.

      Anyone has some really good examples of Anomoto videos?

      I would really appreciate.

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        Hi Peter,

        Animoto is a nice tool if you want to make videos with lots of pretty pictures and very little text. But it's extremely limited in its capabilities and it's not very good for instructional or sales videos, where you want to tell the viewer some important information. You can check out the free version to get an idea of what it can do.

        Proshow Gold is somewhat like Animoto, but it's a desktop program and it allows for more text and more flexibility.

        Powerpoint + Camtasia are a good team for making tutorial, instructional, and sales videos. Flexible, easy to use, and you can add effects, screen captures, video clips, still images, etc.

        Most people making good videos are using a combination of tools to get the effect they want.
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    Instead of spending hours creating your video, sometimes it's better to pay $5 to a video professional on Fiverr. You can choose "express gigs" and you'll get your video in 24 hours.

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    I have some animoto examples for you.

    ok the first one is more entertaining than "good" as far as what you are looking for...but see the second one for a video I made detailing the rise of mobile marketing:

    3. and one more:
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    This was very helpful! Great thread! Thanks
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    Animoto is okay, but I definitely think Camstudio or Camtasia is better for instructional videos.

    Unless you're doing instructional videos where you want the viewer to see what you're doing- in that case, just a webcam and the software that comes with it will work.
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    I've used "Ulead Video Pro 11" for my last presentation.
    This was very helpful..
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    Ahha videos . My specialty

    Animoto - I have used it but only once or twice. Free option limits to 30 seconds or something like that ( Correct me if I'm wrong guys)

    OneTrueMedia - You can try this alternative, i like the montages here. Free version has a 5 second onetruemedia logo intro. Paid is something like $3.95 unlimited downloads and no logo introduction.

    INstructional Video ( screen capture) - Definitely Camtasia PAID

    Jing (screen capture) - Free and PAID versions but free is good enough IMO. You cant zoom in and all all those fancy stuff though. I recommend you go with this one if you want free instcutional

    Voice over sales videos (you know the ones where they read from slides, big thing now in the IM industry) - Powerpoint + Camtasia

    All the best
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    Powerpoint & Camtasia are good enough.
    Animoto is only a good option if you take the paid route.
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