Any point in trying to find clients on Warrior Forum..?

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I don't mean to be negative - I'm sure there are a significant amount of people utilizing WF quite successfully to generate an income but having just had a look around both the Special Offers section and the Warriors for Hire section, I didn't even need to go beyond the first page to realize that both of the services I was thinking of offering are already available at rock-bottom prices - prices that I could never realistically come close to.

In light of such low prices, and what appears to be a list of satisfied customers in both cases, is there any room left for a newbie to compete in terms of finding clients successfully within the forum..?
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    Would you try and sell something at retail at Walmart?

    I can think of better ways to go bankrupt.
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    Originally Posted by benjaminjsy View Post

    is there any room left for a newbie to compete in terms of finding clients successfully within the forum..?
    It depends what you're offering, to what uses it can be put, how much demand there is for it, how you market it and whether you choose to compete on price or in other ways.

    I'm not suggesting that I imagine you're necessarily an article writer, but if it helps just as an example, there are people here advertising for (and finding) article-writing clients both for $3/$4 per article and for $150+ per article.

    The $150-per-article customers know what they need to buy and why, and how to use it, and they come back for more (if it was a good article).

    The writers of the $3/$4 articles are permanently advertising for customers, because many of the ones they find have businesses that don't themselves survive (typically because their owners don't appreciate the difference between "article marketing" and "article directory marketing"), so they have to be replaced continually. Even if the articles are good.

    They're two completely different markets, and you have to decide in which one you want to compete.

    But don't imagine you can start by competing in one, and then gradually raise your prices toward competing in the other after you have some customers. It doesn't work that way, because what attracts clients for $3/$4 article writers is the fact that they're charging $3/$4: up go the prices and away go the clients.
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      From your previous posts it looks like you are talking about article writing?

      You don't have to undercut the lowest of the low prices to get business - price your work for what you think it is worth, not what you think others will be willing to pay.
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    Piggy-backing on what Alexa wrote, I think the Panda/Penguin changes at Google could be a godsend for talented writers. If that's your thing, position yourself at the higher end from the outset. Don't pigeonhole yourself by starting crazy low and playing in the same shallow end of the pool as most of the others.

    But understand that there are a lot more people looking for cheap writers. Honestly, this forum is probably not your best bet to find elite buyers. Put together a portfolio of your best work and don't sell for less than you want. Will there be lean times early on? Yep, most likely. But what I found when I did this kind of writing several years ago is that the better payers are also less likely to complain or nitpick. And they often become regular repeat buyers. They recognize the value in truly superior writing. If you can produce that, then the product will win out.

    But yeah, it's tougher to reach that audience than the cheapy buyers. They're all over the place. Hence, what you've seen here in regards to price. First, you need something to show off. Your best work. Then, you need to work your butt off to promote your services at the price you expect. It'll come (if you really are better than the majority of online writers in this market).

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  • For some reason many internet marketers treat the warrior forum as if it's the "only" site online. (ok, some are aware that there is also Facebook and YouTube, but that's about it.) Sure you can find some clients here on the WF, but what you end up with is similar to trying and sell expensive hotdogs to hotdog vendors at the hotdog convention in a big city and competing with hundreds of other hotdog vendors who are trying to do the same. (That's what most internet marketers are doing). Why not drive your hotdog stand to small remote towns and set up shop there? As in, there are well over 350,000,000 (350 million) other websites online, of which thousands, if not hundreds of thousands are sites where you can pick up potential clients.
    Not all clients are looking for the cheapest price, many want quality as well, and if you play your cards right, you can find clients who never heard of the WF and or Expand your horizons.
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    nicely told .There are so many other sites which has bulk orders etc. which requires quality. So search well and get the needed job.
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