Ad Swappers That Sell Solo Ads..What do you think?

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I have seen several people using/doing ad swap. And they also sell SOLO ads.

How much do you charge and what is your basis why your price is your current price?


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    Here is my experience on solo ads, both buying and swapping.

    You can quickly build a list, yes this is true. But the list is not that responsive. Generally the subscribers on these lists receive freebie after freebie. People are catching on that they can either use a fake or rarely used email address and unsubscribe right away.

    The best lists are buyers list. If you can create a product to sell, the buyers will be repeat buyers in the future. Buyers have money, and are serious about improving their businesses.
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    If you're looking to buy a solo it'd be best you check the Joint venture forum.

    Looking for high quality solo ad traffic? 200-2000 clicks available/day. Testimonials here. PM me

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    hey ross

    all of the solo ads which i use i often ask them how they build there own solo lists just out of interest

    some of them do solo ads themselves, some use ppc, plus lots of other methods

    some may do ad swaps but i think if they are a serious solo ad provider there not going to be burning there list and doing adswaps very often if not ever

    ive also found on my solo ad travels that you can do all the research possible and ask around etc but the only way you can really find out if a solo ad works for you is to buy there cheapest package for say 100 unique clicks for around $30 $50 and see how it performs to your offer

    and then save the ones that perform and bin the ones that send you garbage traffic

    on a side note i do put together a list of solo ads which i call it my

    "dodgy looking solo`s"

    there the ones where you dont see there face hardly no testimonials

    and also i have a garbage list of solo`s shich i use but so far this list has only 1 solo ad on it, most of the ones i use are very profitable

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    People usually charge according to their list size, open rate, and CTR.
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    From .20 up to .50 per click on a normal list
    .50 up to 1 per click on a buyers list
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