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Almost all professional online marketers know that spinning can be the most time consuming element of Internet sales acquisition. You have to permeate the web with the highest possible quality versions of your text content... and you have to do this for EACH and EVERY campaign.

This work basically NEVER stops, and even though it is a "repeatable" task, hardly no software on the market can truly get the job done (WITHOUT lots of editing or additional rewriting)... in less than one hour PER article or content piece.

Now, so many who have the budget can simply outsource this task. However, that can be quite expensive for a high-end content producer.

What's your solution to spinning high quality content versions as quickly and effectively as possible?
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    Fastest way is to not do it at all, especially with the changes the Penguin update is going to bring with it. Spun content is going to be less effective than ever. Original, quality content is the way to go.
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    Here is what I do: (partly because I didn't know that spinning is actually the best way to do it).

    When I need to write a lot of articles, I write down all the possible topics related to an area.

    What I find easiest are articles that follow the format of 3 points. So a template would look like this:

    Introduction - Why is this important, and what exactly we'll discuss.

    Point 1

    Point 2

    Point 3

    Conclusion and what to look out for.

    Very often a point could easily become a topic for another article.

    In such situations, I also block time for writing those articles - every day a couple of hours. If the volume I need is higher than usual, I use Dragon Naturally Speaking to dictate.
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    You could use softwares like TBS but nothing beats manual writing. I am sure you can find decent writers on odesk for like $2 hour
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    For those who want a great spinner that's also free, you can check out:

    But as others have mentioned, I'd avoid spinning these days. Better to rewrite the article altogether.
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      I like to write down about 10 original articles then I save them, along with 1000 blank word documents, onto a USB stick.

      I then hold the USB stick in my hand and spin around as fast as I possibly can until I get really dizzy.

      When I plug the USB stick back in, all these blank word documents are now spun content from the 10 articles.

      Only joking, I just don't bother spinning.
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    The fastest way is to simply not spin articles. Completely unnecessary. The only other places you would publish your content is on syndication networks/article sites (ezine articles), and since spinning is not used for syndication (or should not, if it is), spinning is unnecessary.
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    If in doubt , don't......or outsource ;-)
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    I always outsourcing this process in odesk very cheaply. Because this process is time consuming very much.

    I put the original articles in my website and distributing the high quality spinning articles in articles directories.
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    I wohld just spend my time and money on getting fresh content written.

    spinning is going to be gone soon in my opinion....


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    Here's the fastest way for me to spin:

    Step 1: Have a few shots
    Step 2: Stick my arms straight out like a helicopter
    Step 3: Rapidly turn my feet the same direction, while turning my body the same direction
    Step 4: ????
    Step 5: Profit!
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      Originally Posted by Justin Stowe View Post

      Here's the fastest way for me to spin:

      Step 1: Have a few shots
      Step 2: Stick my arms straight out like a helicopter
      Step 3: Rapidly turn my feet the same direction, while turning my body the same direction
      Step 4: ????
      Step 5: Profit!
      Good point Justin.

      Can you give me any good tips on how to get past step 1 though?

      I seem to get stuck there every time.

      Wibble, bark, my old man's a mushroom etc...

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    Hi KenDoc,

    I truly believe that article spinners need a lot of improvement to be truly effective.

    I have a blog and many articles on EZA. If you type in confessionsofatilesetter into google you will find page after page of my content with much of it picked up by other bloggers, brick and mortar businesses, internet and other companies or individuals.

    I don't mind if someone uses my content or photos as long as they say that the article or photo came from my site. The sites that just spin my articles are really bad. I mean, really bad. The synonyms used make no sense and in my view make the article appear disingenuous.

    I think you might be better off having original articles written or at least editing spun articles because if you do not do that, the articles come out looking like crap.

    Just my experience from reading those who are spinning my original content. I do not feel they are any competition because their spun articles are crap but that still kinda bothers me that they spin my work into gibberish.

    Ed Sunderland

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      Thanks, guys, for all of the various comments. These are some of my own experiences and sentiments, exactly... especially the one about other competitors taking my superior content from and literally spinning into JUNK gibberish.

      On the back burner of mine, is a small content rewrite program which can help writers to preselect HUMAN English words which actually make sense in normal conversation.

      - The first click shows you the words to be changed in your content.

      - The second click allows you to choose the real English equivalent (my research team has already completed these selections, and the software includes them in the program).

      - The final step is to hit the "Rewrite Content" button, and the new version arises within 3 seconds.

      This is not to say that the ENTIRE program is so "speedy," but it will guarantee over 90% uniqueness, quality, clarity, plus fluidity for the user reading experience.

      It truly is a FAST program, as well, but time still must be taking to "look" at your PREVIEW of words to be changed, and make your preference known from the provided selections which hare already included within the program.

      Soon I will release a simple SURVEY to ask how many writers or online entrepreneurs and site owners would be likely to purchase such a content rewriting software system. I think the price could be kept reasonably low.

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    search for advanced spinning strategies a pdf.
    it will give you the absolute best way to spin content.
    For example, don't have the same number of paragraphs,
    same # of sentences in a paragraph,
    spinning only on word or phrase level (that's a dead giveaway),
    does your spun article with different author get published around the same time as another similar article.
    images in articles,
    different headings, bullet points, each article links to the same place, etc..
    G figures out your so-called different authors are all on the same team.
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