Dog Bites the hand of the Internet Marketer.

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"Don't Bite the hand that feeds you"

Its one of the easiest to understand proverbs, in fact it should be required reading for many marketers.

Personally I think that if you can be helpful in a post that's great, and we all know that sometimes people clash there may be a personality clash, or there might be some point that needs to be made, but usually its not an out right brawl, OK well sometimes its a brawl, but most of the time its really about trying to be helpful.
But here lately I have noticed a few that seem to be hunting for a hand to bite.

I observed a man recently who wants to be a service provider, but in many of the threads he appears to be biting the customers hands, that seems a little odd.

More so if that service provider hopes to be helpful enough where he can develop some friends and perhaps even a customer or two.
That is really a big part of what the Warrior Forum is, In the War room you can find tons of great stuff, (even some software that I donated along with several other cool things) It is really all about giving back and helping people most of the time.

And yes, just like most families sometimes we disagree but that does not mean that we have to get nasty.

Just saying don't bite your future customers hands off, its not friendly.

If your new to the warrior forum, and you go around biting everyone, sooner or later your bound to run into a bigger dog.
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    Now I have NIN stuck in my head, thanks a lot Tim!

    That being said, this is another one of those
    "Golden Advice" threads that a lot of us probably
    need to be reminded of from time to time.


    The bartender says: "We don't serve faster-than-light particles here."

    ...A tachyon enters a bar.

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      When I first read the title of the thread, I thought the Dog was going to be Google, lol.

      But I thoroughly agree with you: "don't bite your future customers hands off"

      If you treat people badly, they will remember it.
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    Exactly...what a sure way to guarantee failure. Treat your customers right and they'll pay for your condomiums.

    An advice worth noting is that running an online business as opposed to a brick and mortar business needs 100x more customer relations as it's really getting more and more difficult to trust all the hidden faces behind the pc.

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