St Paul's Second Letter to the Internet Marketers

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Some years ago I posted an article in Ezine Articles with the above title. Yesterday I got my performances statistics from EZA, and of the 91 articles I have published, that's by far the one that has got the most views.

If nothing else, it shows one thing - you must have an interesting title for your articles and posts to get read . But apart from that, the message the article said is still the same, so here's the first bfew paragraphs of it:

"I read the first lesson in church today. It was Paul's second letter to the Corinthians, Chapter 8, starting from verse 1. As I was reading verses 11 and 12, I almost stopped, and had to collect myself to continue reading.

To save you trying to find a Bible, verse 10 says "I want to suggest that you finish what you started to do a year ago", and verse 11 is even better - it says "Let your enthusiastic idea at the start be equalled by your realistic action now".

The reason I nearly stopped reading is because these words really struck home to me as an internet marketer, and I suspect it would have struck a chord with you too.

Have we not all been guilty of enthusiastically downloading the latest magic formula for online riches? We probably only bought what we did because of the "$15000 worth of bonuses" which were offered along with the product.

Now we have hard drives cluttered up with stuff we have never opened, and sometimes stuff we have actually paid money for, and yet still have never used.

What went wrong? Did we get too busy with other things, thinking we would get around to using that marvellous money making scheme later? The trouble is, later never comes, as we get distracted by another hundred emails, each of which promises so much, but which will just as inevitably deliver so little, and off we go again, looking for the next big thing.

Have a look on your hard drive. I'll bet you've got stuff that you can't recognize from the file name, can't remember where you got it from, or why you ever downloaded it."

Article Source:

What reminded me of this article, was the text in church today, from James 2 v.17
"v. 17 Thus also faith by itself, if it does not have works, is dead."

Translation for us (and most definitely me!) is:

"Thus also learning by itself, if it does not lead to action, is dead."

I have learned so much from this forum and from other services that I consider myself quite literate in IM matters, but the problem is that I haven't put any of this learning to any practical use.

So, take action, publish an ebook, start your list, put up a WSO - take action!

Here endeth the lesson for today!
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    Sometimes, when I open my files, I do not even know why I buy it
    Ironically, I even make the special folder to make me focused but then abandon it because of being busy with my offline work and when I get back, I loss my enthusiasm and then create other folders.
    I have to stop doing it and focused to one thing.
    Thanks for sharing it
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    Definitely Peter, Title plays a great role as I have experienced in my cases too. Most of the times, placing your product is important than the product itself.
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    Originally Posted by peter_act View Post

    "Let your enthusiastic idea at the start be equalled by your realistic action now".
    Fine lesson. This thing should always be remembered by all who are into this business, especially those who are starting out.
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    Amen Bro!

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    Now we gotta find a way to spread the gospel. No pun intended anyway.

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    Yes, good points.

    I particularly agree with taking action! The title of an interesting book called "Ready, Fire, Aim" sums it up for me, especially in IM, where most things you do online can be changed easily enough, it's best to take action as early as possible, as you'll learn so much better by doing that than by trying to read enough to find the "perfect" system before you try anything in practice.

    As for finishing projects, yes, generally good advice, BUT, in IM especially, a lot of the "magick formulas" sold, are little more than nonsense, so the advice of only learning one system and keeping doing it until you make a lot of money is only good IF that particular system is actually workable, which many of them are not.

    However, an unworkable system is not all bad news, if you realise from the start that a lot of what you buy or read for free is not real, because from each system to try and watch fail utterly, you'll almost certainly learn one or two things you didn't know before, and keep on adding to your learning, and you'll at some point know enough to make a profit.

    Of course, there ARE 100% workable systems out there (see my Sig!!!) but the ONLY real way to know that for yourself is to test them in practice.

    Anyway, some good things to think about on this thread, so thanks to the OP for starting it off

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      Originally Posted by Chris- View Post

      Yes, good points.

      You'll learn so much better by doing that than by trying to read enough to find the "perfect" system before you try anything in practice.
      Thanks Chris,
      This is my problem in a nutshell - spending days and weeks trying to get my project from 95% good enough to 100% good enough, without realising that the last 5% won't make the slightest bit of difference.

      Long ago a Warrior (I think it was George Wright) told me that being 75% good enough is probably good enough.

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    The title is what got me to open the thread- so your point is very well taken. And the
    message within it just follows up even more, Amen to that. Taking action is defiantly
    that thing that for whatever reason is so easy to over look. And there are many reasons
    sites like this as great as they are can end up offering too much if we fail to focus. We can
    have 500 great ideas and not one in play. I heard something that might help----Businesses
    don’t plan to fail- they fail to plan….. just seemed it related. Good thread.
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    luckily i never fell into the trap about not releasing something because it wasnt 100% perfect

    i know its hard but most of the time we are just being paranoid and also its not productive to try and make sure something is perfect before we actually launch or submit it

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  • Profile picture of the author Randall Magwood
    Well Peter you sure are clever with your article titles. You definitely got me to click through to this thread. Do you do any copywriting?
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