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Hello folks,

I would like to ask you to review my website.
Any comment is appreciated. (or click on the signature)

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    Hey, very nice site. However, you need to modified the theme little bit.
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    Hi Mirela,
    WOW, there's really a lot going on when I get to your site. My initial impression is, "What would the web designer like me to do now that I'm here? What does he/she want me to know? What actions should I take? Why is it worth my time to stay here?"

    I'm not a website designer; I write sales copy. But I would give some thought to the response you desire from people who visit the site. What do you want them to do? Click a certain link? Subscribe to a list? Buy something?

    Hope this helps. Good luck.
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    That yellow subheading on the top left corner is a good place to tell people what your website is about. However, it can barely be seen due to the choice of color Make it standout more and choose that one single sentence that can describe to your visitors what your site is all about
    "Perfectionism is just fear of failure in disguise..."

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    I saw your site and it is very nice. the alignment seems to be some what clumsy. why don't you keep a link for most rated games ,newest games or else make it a bit smaller and see. the point is some difference is what needed between all the category.I am not an expert just my views.
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