Any self improvement warriors earning profits selling self made products?

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I'm learning a lot about online marketing but still a bit confused about who is earning money. I didn't consider myself an online marketer but I guess I am.

Before I take the next step toward my goal i'd like to know from other warriors, who is really earning money online?

1. Creators & developers of niche systems who sells to:
i) online marketers

2. Online marketers reselling niche systems to:
i) Newbie online marketers & others

3. Creator & developer of niche system who sells to:
i) end users/consumer directly & potentially online marketers

I'm in a position where I can create products for end users - people searching for self help, system for offline life coaches, and a system for online life coaches with all the bells and whistles including SEO and Internet Marketing.

Interesting. Now that I wrote out my thoughts I answered my own question. But still would like to hear from other warriors.
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