How to Get Ideas for Products

by ShayB
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One of the things that people always ask about is how I get ideas for products.

I will admit that a lot of times ideas just come to me - my brain works in weird ways.

But there are 2 methods that I do use for brainstorming and research.

1. While you are at the grocery store, take a look at the magazines in the checkout aisle. Take a look at the headlines. I can get ideas for 10 different reports just from reading the headlines of these magazines.

"32 ways to reduce your debt painlessly"

"24 weight loss tips for busy women"

"8 ways to add more money to your budget effortlessly"

Jot down a few of the headlines, do your research, and you have a short report that you can either use as a freebie to build your list or you can sell for a few dollars to start building your sales funnel.

2. Go to Google Adwords and use their keyword tool.

Type in "How can I" and then hit enter - request broad, exact, and phrase matches.

Here are a few results I got in 2 seconds:

How can I...

....get pregnant fast?

...make money online?

...lose weight fast?

...lose fat?

...and about 300 other results.

Not only will this give you some great product ideas, but it will give you plenty of ideas and niches other then making money online.

Do you have your own product idea generating method? Please feel free to share it!
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    One more great post about products research. Watching TV and reading magazines is really helpful for any kind of marketers.
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    What i do is looking at the sales letter of info product, they often tell in their bullets what the product is about...and from there I get several ideas.
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    You can learn a lot from watching commercials actually! You'll know the products people are buying.
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      Originally Posted by alexgold87 View Post

      One more great post about products research. Watching TV and reading magazines is really helpful for any kind of marketers.
      Originally Posted by brunom View Post

      You can learn a lot from watching commercials actually! You'll know the products people are buying.
      You don't just get what products people are buying either. You get to see which demographics are buying those products as well, as long as you know how to spot the patterns that certain commercials are shown in.
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    that's a very helpful piece , thanks

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    Looking at the magazine headlines is a great tip...

    I find thatAmazon's best-sellers and ebay pulse I found are quite useful too...
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    clickbank,amazon,ebay,magazines,newspapers,interne t marketing mags,youtube are all sources to find out what is needed and what is selling well.
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    I heard trade shows are a great place to get product ideas too. Never been to one before, but apparently thats where a lot of creative inventors go to present their new products to people.

    Aside from that, just walking around Home Depot for long enough can give you a ton of ideas if you're a creative person. Thats where my brothers friend got his idea to make locking plastic caps for paint brushes. Idea wound up becoming so popular that now Home Depot will be putting it on their shelves next month.

    Some of the best ideas I think are also some of the simplest ideas. Things that people get/understand immediately. Realistically though I think the real way to do it, is to never stop thinking about it. It needs to be in the back of your head every minute of everyday, so you don't miss the opportunity when it DOES come around.

    This is something I think about personally 16 hours a day, every single day. Have came up with a few "decent" ideas but I'm still waiting for the one that I just know will be great. The idea I've been working on now will attempt to revolutionize our expectations for shaving cream. My entire life I have never been content with shaving cream. I DID wind up creating my own cream, it actually lasts 40 times longer than normal shaving cream, it shaves so much smoother/better too, it just takes a bit more work to get off your skin.

    So I'm going to wind up adding a highly water soluble salt to it like sodium hydroxide. After that, I may go to and pay the owner to get an ad placed on his site... or market it on my own. But if you could buy nonpressured shaving cream for half the price of regular shaving cream, and it lasted 40 times longer... I don't see personally why people wouldn't buy it.

    Only thing to do now I guess is finish the formula, and try to market it.
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    I go to Amazon and search for books in my niche. I read the book description, then work on ideas for creating my products. Quick and simple.
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    Shay comes up with another great idea!!! can I...? 300 ideas? Fantastic!

    I keep my antenna up at all times. Anywhere, anytime...there may be a good idea that falls into my lap. As much as possible, I keep a pen and a small notebook handy at all times.
    David Sneen
    It's what you do when no one is watching
    that determines what you will be able to
    do when everyone is watching.
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    You might also consider things like:

    - Your employment history
    - Your education

    For example, if years ago you have been a waiter/waitress and have consistently gotten above average tips... that could be a suitable product because there are lots of waiters/waitresses out there most likely looking to earn more.

    Or you can use your educational background as an asset. For example, I have a MBA which is can be leveraged in this whole online marketing/business space. The same would apply in many other fields too - gardening, psychology, medicine, IT etc etc. Basically everything can be leveraged if you are creative.
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    Great thread! Amazon is great for Niche Research.
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    Amazon, discussions in niche-specific forums and YouTube are among the sources to draw ideas for creating products.
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    As we are doing online marketing then we can find ideas online, forums, blogs, news sites all are for ideas if you participate there.
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    Be careful though.

    Often what looks like a great product is backed up by a very sophisticated back and sales channel.

    People knock off or get ideas from front end products all the time then build the product, launch it and fail miserably because they have no back end.

    If you get a good idea from another product at least, buy it and see how else you're marketed.


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      I'd rather say: How to Copy Ideas from Best Seller Products...
      then... How to ReCreate Ideas from Them.


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    This is what I use if I have trouble running with my ideas:
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    Originally Posted by ShayRockhold View Post

    Do you have your own product idea generating method? Please feel free to share it!
    The ones people already want.

    Answer : Ask your list

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    Yes, these are good, so are...

    1. Websites for the magazines you see on the newstands...often they rank the popularity of their online content which gives you added clues as to which headlines are the most read (Ex Hotttest!)

    2. High activity discussion forums...I have created 3 ebooks directly from top threads on high activity forums in niches such as personal development and weight loss...very effective

    3. Reviewing top products and expanding on a chapter or section...this also works very well...where you have a very popular (top selling) book, ebook or course - review it and figure out where they could have been expanded...maybe one concept or a section was only covered at a high level and you could drill in with a product that covers this step or process in detail

    4. Look at the top selling physical products and write infoproducts around those...Ex. Insiders Guide to 100 things you can do with your iPhone - this can be sold as part of a larger Apple training program, as a Kindle Ebook or even as an iTunes App

    5. Inventory the top 2-3 challenges you have overcome in the last 5-years of your life...most of us have a killer infoproduct sitting write in front of us based on what we have lived through over the last 5-10 years (helping an aging parent, raising teens, changing jobs, starting a new career, overcoming a health challenge, some form of personal growth, etc...)

    Above all of this...the trick is to be among the 5% who actually take action and get your product to market...great ideas aren't worth anything until they are put into action.

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