Viral URL - Anyone use it?

by troy23 14 replies
I am thinking of trying out the Viral URL service.

Has anyone used it and what have been your results?
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    I used it when applied for DotComSecrets program. Seriously, I got none results. May be because of lack of interest. From web developer point of view - this service is useless. May be I am mistaken.
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    Hi Alexgold87,

    Where you a free or upgraded member in ViralURL?

    Just asking as to really benefit promoting anything in ViralURL, a Gold or higher account gives a ton more exposure then a free account where you first need to use the main tool (the link shortener, cloaker & tracker) to build your self a downline in ViralURL (over 5 levels deep) that you can then promote to.

    Only Gold and higher member can email up to 6,000 random members every 3 days.

    Also, if you where an upgraded member, how many times did you send out a mailing before you gave up?
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    Hi Alex,

    I was one of the co-founders of Viralurl and the system works very well if you use it correctly. Don't try to sell a cold list on your services, use compelling headlines that capture interest, and then after that provide some great 'bribe' for a free optin, then you can followup and develop a relationship.

    (Marketing 101)

    Viralurl also has a new section called 'message center' where you can see what emails are converting the best (open rates and click rates) so you can model them There is also a chance there to get feedback from members and leave your feedback on other members emails - all round great for honing your copywriting skills

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    I never used Viral URL but i already used a viral facebook script to get traffic to my website and it did great.

    I think there's a little old WSO that teaches you how to go viral.
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    Don't you end up sending emails to the same people though?
    I realise the list is big, but at some point you could be sending the same offer to people many times.
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    If you have a proven squeeze page and marketing funnel that requires traffic with the following demographic then yes it is worth joining and upgrading.

    Newbie internet marketers
    MLM affiliates
    Stocks & Forex that are possibly not legal
    listbuilders looking for more traffic
    Affiliates looking for people to promote overhyped clickbank products with copy & paste emails.

    If you just have a standard affiliate page and are looking for people newer than yourself to join a business such as those above then you are just prolonging your own agony of failure.

    The thing is it's more throw mud at the wall and see if sticks approach rather than actually building your own business.
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    If you're using viral url just to cloak a link or links
    then in order for the link or links to be seen you must promote the links

    I am a member of viral url and use it for cloaking links
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    @troy23: Not only does ViralURL has a massive list of existing members (75,000+)... but we are growing every single day as more people join ViralURL.

    Yes, you might reach the same person more then just once, but that's actually not a bad thing as just because you reach a person before doesn't mean they took action right away. Maybe your last message wasn't appealing to them or reached them at a bad time.

    Also... you will not send the same message out over and over, but change messages as you are testing which subject lines get you the most opens and what message bodies the most clicks etc. Besides of course being able to promote multiple products from multiple angles.

    As you can see... you will want to reach the same people more then once.

    In fact... the smart marketers use systems like ViralURL, ViralHosts, ViralinBox etc. to build their own personal mailing lists so they can email the same people over and aver again.
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    I have used viral url but I didnt get any sales or sign ups ,tryed it over 4 months then stopped.
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      Originally Posted by vivi62 View Post

      I have used viral url but I didnt get any sales or sign ups ,tryed it over 4 months then stopped.
      But what where you promoting? Did you have tracking so that you could test and tweak the offer until you got something to work?

      Just because you couldn't get the site to work for you doesn't mean it's a bad site. Take some personal responsibility, and look at what you were doing rather than blame the site.
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    Are these targeted email addresses or have they been scraped from somewhere? For instance I would like to promote to the IM niche.

    Not trying to negate the system at all, just trying to understand it all before I make the decision to sign up for full membership.
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    old post i know but this Viral URL is very effective,
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    I've heard viralhosts do the job, any reviews?

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