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What are your thoughts on single vs double opt ins?

Currently, some of my lists are single opt ins.

One of them is getting 150 single opt ins every day. I use getresponse and they have a limit on the number of total subscribers I can have on my account. More subscribers = I pay more.

This list is 6 months old and I build great relationships with the people in there by sending them great content once every week. Very rarely do I do any sales pitches. In fact I've only send them 3 sales pitches over the last 6 months!

Now the great content I send them once every week needs them to click on a link within the email, and they will be taken to my blog to see the new content there.

I'm seeing only an average of 20% CTR for the links. I think this is a bit low considering that I rarely do any sales pitches and only give great content they can use.

Do you think 20% CTR is normal for a single opt-in? I think it should be higher for double opt in though.

And I like the 150 new single opt ins this list bring me, but then 150x30=4500 new single opt ins every month, which means that my getresponse fee is increasing every single month.

Actually I have no problem paying extra for the getresponse fee, as long as my subscribers are responsive. But considering that I only have a 20% CTR, I don't know if it's worth it or not. Do you think that I should switch to double opt ins to make the money I spend on getreponse more worth it?

What do you think?

Welly Mulia
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    You're looking at this wrong. You're CTR is irrelevant. When you send out a promo piece do you get enough responses to pay for your list and put money in your pocket? That's all that matters.

    If you're really worried about it, I'd build an upgrade option. A membership whatever. Put a link to it in every email you send out. Now you'll start moving the responsive people into a new list that you can pay more attention to and get more money out of.

    But in the end all that really matters is are you making money. Everything else is just numbers.
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