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My blog is just getting started, a month old in fact.

And last week I decided to use an adwords campaign to help spread it around. I paid $25, $5 a day for five days, and it netted me 5 adsense clicks and an affiliate sale, for a total of about $22.

Since my campaign ended, my views have fallen off. I'm down to just 20 or 30 daily views.

Is this a bad sign? I don't know how viable it would be to have to spend $100 a month just to promote my site. :confused:
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    You need to get other ways to get traffic. Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Article Marketing, there are several ways of getting targeted traffic.

    Besides, you should work on SEO as well to try to rank for some of your site's keywords.
    1500 Backlinks For Youtube Videos

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    A month is still far too early to judge anything, I suggest you try organic SEO for the time being, get a decent amount of traffic and earn through Adsense without paying for the Adwords.
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    Totally echo chihuahua's opinion here. A month is not a decent enough time frame to benchmark results - try and evaluate over a longer time frame if you have the budget. The results will then be more reliable to come up with a concrete decision.

    Why don't you in the meanwhile also allocate a small proportion of your funds to driving targeted traffic to your offers via other methods - like FB Ads/Solos etc.
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    You need to get your url out to as many places as you can, not only for backlinks to raise you in the serps but for visitors to your site.
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    Is this even a real question? I mean... really? You stopped paying for traffic and your page views have "fallen off"? I WONDER WHY!?
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      What else were you expecting once you stopped your PPC campaign?
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      Originally Posted by bnetwork View Post

      Is this even a real question? I mean... really? You stopped paying for traffic and your page views have "fallen off"? I WONDER WHY!?
      He thought those views were forever.

      Anyways, that should be an encouraging sign if nothing else OP. You now know that with more visitors you can start bringing in money. If you don't want to continue with PPC, you need to find other ways to bring those readers in. You know that the blog can make you money though, and that is an important first step.
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    Get rid of Adsense, put up some cpa offers related to your site, resume paid traffic, you win.
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    It's too early to reach on any conclusion, Give more focus on SEO and Social Media Marketing than PPC. SEO and Social Media will give you long lasting result plus they won't cost you much as compared to PPC.
    IT Freelancing - Deals in various software solutions such as Binary MLM Software Development, One Sim all Recharge & API Reseller Software and also offer Recharge Software White Label is the fast growing IT Solution & Software Development Providers.
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    When you want to monetize your blog for adsense, it wil be better if you focus on organic traffic.it will need more time to see the results but it's worth it
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    Buddy your blog is very new to judge. You must not try paid advertisement so soon, a blog is a long term investment project. There are people who are making multiple four figure income every month from their blogs but they have given enough time for it. Following are things I can suggest you if you are serious about taking your blog to next level.

    - There is no match for good content. Write good content and try to engage them.
    - Carefully research all your keywords.
    - Use big fonts to make content readable. Divide content into several small paragraphs, make use of images per fold but don't use more than 3 images per post.
    - Don't bother about content length, bother about delivering value.
    - Join guest blogging network and article directories, distribute your articles.
    - Use sites like socialadr.com and social monkee to bookmark your blog posts.
    - Try to solve problems of your readers without making any active promotions, this is important because your reader's base is not ready to trust you this time.
    - Build list using Aweber(paid) or Feedburner(free) and deliver them RSS feed.
    - Build a facebook page for your blog, use networked blog application to deliver your feeds to your facebook fan page. Send email to all your friends to like your fan page.
    - Add fan page widget to your website, note that people will only press like button when they'll see someone has already liked it, this is where your friends and family circle will come into play, hence ask them to like it first.

    Finally no blog receives more than 20 to 30 visitors in early stages, if you manage to get at least 50 unique visitors without any paid promotion within three months you are way ahead of many. Don't hurry, keep patience, for some success comes soon for some it comes late and it doesn't matter when it comes what matters is it comes to those who don't give up.
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    its not necessarily a bad sign.

    I have big doubts how effective the adwords campaign will be for a blog. i would rather focus on social marketing for the short term.
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    At this point you should probably focus on social media marketing and SEO. Don't get discouraged, it takes time to get the kind of traffic that will generate a steady income stream.
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    You got a few nice answers here. Homever I think you're a bit confused about adsense etc. If you are going to monetize with adsense I suggest you to target a keyword , add quality content and starting doing some SEO on your blog.

    Want Google Page ONE Rankings? [YES] [NO]

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    Well, I won't suggest to go for paid traffic, as you are doing blogging, try to provide fresh and quality content regularly, try to participate in blogging community it would greatly help.
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      Your result was actually a good sign. You sent five days worth of cold traffic to a new blog and almost broke even. You know that your blog has the potential to make money.

      Now it's a matter of drawing people to your blog in greater numbers. Not necessarily with Adwords, although I have a hunch that your initial campaign was pretty crude. That's not a slam, by the way. Unless you've been doing it for a long time, your campaign has to start a bit crude.

      I do agree that trying to arbitrage Adsense clicks with paid advertising is a hard row to hoe.

      You've made a good start, so keep on going. Good luck to you...
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    I agree with the others - not such a bad result and naturally the traffic will die down once you stop paying for it. You should now tweak it so that you get more affiliate sales and end up profitable.

    Also, and more importantly, get adsense off there right away if you intend to buy traffic with adwords. Thats not allowed and you could lose your adsense account.

    Gone Fishing
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