A Quick Reply needed please- What is a Dynamic page?

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Well, i was surfing few web design sites and was checking their prices and this is what i came across in one of their packages

3 Static Pages + 1 Dynamic Pages

I just wanted to know what does that Dynamic page mean? Is it the dot.com/blog?
Static page i understand (About me, Contact Us, Service We offer)

Please reply to me asap as i need a quick reply
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    A static page is a page that never changes. You make it, upload it, don't ever touch it again - unless you edit it manually.
    A dynamic page is the opposite, it's meant to be updated. Its content is pulled usually from a database.
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    Dynamic page could also be a page with either Flash content, Javascript or other dynamic scripting.
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      If you wanted a quick reply why didn't you just Google it:


      I do not get it why people on this forum (or any other) ask for definitions of words/phrases when you can just simply Google them. ?????

      "The first principle is that you must not fool yourself - and you are the easiest person to fool" - Richard Feynman

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        yeah ... surely it is quicker for one person to google something ... but lets be generous in the spirit and sharing and education huh ?
        It was still good of you to reply
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    Dynamic Pages are pages where user can interact the best example Online Shopping Portals. Which can change the content according to the users input.
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