Made 2 affiliate sales through Warrior Plus but have not received commission?

by Diice
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Hi guys,

i recently decided to start promoting some offers as an affiliate through Warrior plus.

Today i made 2 sales for the vendor, the person that bought it paid for the product and also the OTO that came with it. I looked at my affiliate stats and it says i have made 2 sales, but next to it it says i have made $0 off the sales. I thought this was supposed to be instant payouts?

Ive checked the commissions and they are correct, 50% for first offer and 60% for the OTO. But i have not received either from the sale.

Im new to Warrior Plus so any help would be appreciated!
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    The vendor may have set the payments to "delayed" if they haven't done business with you before. Check with them.

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      Originally Posted by fletch23 View Post

      The vendor may have set the payments to "delayed" if they haven't done business with you before. Check with them.

      I was not aware that you could do that, hopefully i should see the payments come in soon then!

      Also just had a quick look at the link you posted, i dont normally look at links people just randomly leave in a post but it looks like quite a nice offer. Are you offering affiliate business via Warrior Plus? I have some free slots in the upcoming weeks for product promotion.

      I like to check the products first however to see if it is an appropriate product for my list.

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    Hi Michael,

    At this moment, we do not have a "delayed payments" feature. So, that is not the issue.

    I have looked at your account and see what you are referring to, and everything is working as it should.

    If you need further explanation or assistance, please open a ticket at our support desk: WarriorPlus Support


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      I believe if the percentage is 50%, the first sale goes to the vendor and then the next sale goes to you. Each item is a different product which is why both went to the vendor. This keeps people from signing up as affiliates just to get a discount and then never promoting.
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    Thanks for the help Mike. And yes Tina i completely understand that, it's a fair system for the first sale. But after that it should be split as the commission is set, but what i gathered from the helpdesk/knowledgebase is that every sale the alternate person gets paid.

    So 1st sale goes to vendor, 2nd to affiliate, 3rd to vendor, 4th to affiliate and so on...

    I dont understand how this works apart from if the commission is 50%, but even then i think its a bit of a weird system. I understand it's use for the first sale however.

    I have submitted a ticket regarding that rule just to see if i am understanding how it works correctly!

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