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Hi all.. I may have missed this info somewhere else on the forum - I am aware of Camtasia but can I ask if that is the lowest cost alternative available to produce video tutorials etc by capturing your screen etc?
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    CamStudio - Free Screen Recording Software

    CamStudio is free. But Camtasia is light year's better.
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    Here's one, I've heard good things about it but I haven't used it personally. Worth a try for sure.

    Jing, screenshot and screencast software from TechSmith
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    If you have ever messed around with linux there are several free choices there. Ubuntu linux can be installed side by side with windows and you can choose which one to boot into upon startup.
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      Originally Posted by i am brad View Post

      If you have ever messed around with linux there are several free choices there. Ubuntu linux can be installed side by side with windows and you can choose which one to boot into upon startup.
      Brad, do you know any good linux alternatives for camtasia? I've been an ubuntu user for years but have yet to find a good program for it.
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    Use CamStudio it worked for me highly recomend
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    Camstudio is crap. sorry but it crashed my laptop and i had to uninstall it
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    try it camtasia pro even you can grab it on
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      Originally Posted by mshajid View Post

      try it camtasia pro even you can grab it on
      FYI - It's illegal to use pirated / cracked software.
      Also,this is probably not the best place to advertise you're favorite torrent site...
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    I would highly recommend Faststone capture. Costs just 19.95 dollars for a lifetime license. I am in love with this little piece of genius.
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    Camtasia is still the don for screen capture. It's worth every penny.

    Free alternatives are Screen-O-Matic (water-marked) and Camstudio.
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    I've used Camstudio and it's a great free software for making screencapture videos ... As long as thats the basic thing that you wish to do ...

    here's a list of some more screenvideo recording softwares -

    Camtasia Studio Alternatives and Similar Software -

    good luck!
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    Hi, I am using GADWIN PRINTSCREEN PRO right now, just press print screen by the time you want your window captured. there will be a Gadwin image editor pop out in your window immediately. You can quickly edit the image, or you can just save it with any format you want, such as PDF, BMP, JPG, etc.
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    I have used CamStudio a lot. Hours and hours of video.

    From my experience, Jing will only capture in Flash. And it's a pain in the butt to convert the files to standard formats for editing. I think they do something to the files. Because my video editing software usually recognizes Flash, but wouldnt accept the files from Jing. Also I downloaded 3 different "Flash Converters". None of them could convert the Jing files.

    I'm not sure why this isn't widely known. I found it after searching a long time. But for Mac users you can just use Quicktime. Yes, Quicktime will natively record video screen captures... I'm not sure what version they started this in, but it worked perfectly! No issues at all.

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    I have used cam studio and it is free. Camtasia is expensive.

    Cam studio is coming out with a new version. Hope this fixes the minor errors.
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    I believe this is one of
    the best free ones out
    there at the moment...
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    I used a couple of screen capture and screen cast software Camtasia is really good if you are willing to invest in a good screen capture software.

    For myself a few more cost effective but does the same thing are:
    1) AVS Video Editor
    2) Fastone Capture
    3) Screen-o-matic

    In terms of closeness to camtasia I would say screen-o-matic but the editor does not offer much transition functions. However, you can add videos and edit with transitions using a video editor like Windows Video Maker etc.

    Screen-o-matic also has pip functions meaning you can have your webcam on screen capture and the resultant video will show both your screen capture and your webcam video recorded. The cost? Its only $15 a year as of now. Saves videos in avi, mp4, wmv etc.

    AVS Video Editor also has a screen capture function with a few hundred transition functions and of course you get the ability to edit videos too. It also has a pip function. It costs a little more but I believe it is a lifetime license costing about $49.90 the last time I checked. It saves videos to mp4, avi, wmv etc formats.

    My favourite that I used when I was starting out was faststone capture. It costs only $19.95 and it is a lifetime license. The owner is responsive and support is good. Yup it does have limited video editor functions and has no transition effects. But you can add an image to blur or cover certain parts of the video. It also does static screen capture, wonderful drawing editor.

    For Faststone capture there is no pip feature. But I mean who needs pip all the time anyway?

    If you are on a budget and need a decent and easy to learn to use screen capture Faststone capture is my recommendation. It saves video as avi. Hey you want mp4 no biggie just use a free video converter and you get the job done. In these days after doing the video and you upload to youtube there is no different between avi and mp4, what I mean is the viewer watching through youtube won't even realize the difference.

    To compliment Faststone capture you can edit the videos with transitions using Windows Video Editor.

    I hope the above helps

    Warmest regards,
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      I would go with camstudio to get started and to learn, But, if you are going to seriously get into producing video then I would get camtasia


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    Camtasia is a very good software, you can record your screen, edit and customize professional quality videos with camtasia. Ezvid is another great one to work with.
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    The only two free versions I know about are Screencast-O-Matic - Free online screen recorder for instant screen capture video sharing. and Cam Studio.

    I haven't done too many myself but I think it may be worth it to look into a paid version with much better options.
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    Camtasia is by far the best in my opinion. Fraps should be used for gaming though, but that isn't free either, it's really cheap though! Camstudio would be a great alternative indeed.
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  • Don't use CamStudio under ANY circumstances! You can only capture about a minute of your screen. Anything after that, the software crashes!

    Jing is good and is also free but the only problem is that it saves your footage to .SWF. You can convert these files to AVI etc but it's a bit of a chew.

    If you want my opinion, invest in Camstudio Studio. you won't be disappointed!
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    i use camstudio b/c it's free, but i agree camtasia works better
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    Although Camstudio is free, I found it really laggy sometimes when recording. It's worth paying the money for Camtasia. That way you are also saving more money as they have a built in editing software which is really handy. I'm pretty sure you can get a free trial of Camtasia.
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    I would go with cam studio it also does the job

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      Well, to recap, the only free free screen cap programs you guys have listed so far are Camstudio,, Screencast-O-Matic and Quicktime.

      I'll add another that has not been mentioned: Free Screen Video Recorder from Free Studio. I use it and it's totally free. You can download it as part of large suite of programs as I did, which include all sorts of useful A/V tools.
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