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I watched a webinar put on by Sarah Young tonight, and the special guest was a guy named Matt Clark who, as it turns out is making a killing on Amazon.
During the presentation, he mentioned that a decent start can be made through the use of PL (private Lable) products being sold (sometimes given away) through Amazon's Kindle. I got all happy and jittery, as I have tons of plr already on my system.

The problem came when later, during the Q and A, it was clarified that PL, was not meant as PLR. Instead it was Private Lable Products that I needed to purchase and then could re-package and offer on Kindle.

Is that the same as Master Resale Rights? He tried to explain how to find sources but I was too busy being heart-broken and dis-heartened to fully comprehend what he was saying.
I think he said I had to contact Private Label distributors and buy their products. Is there a good Google search to find these MRR (if that's the same as PL) products? All of my search's for PL products come back with PLR directories or other stuff that I'm not looking for.

Any advice would be appreciated.
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    I think of Private Label as more of an offline term, like private label makeup that has a designer's name on it. You don't really know whether it's made exclusively for them, but a buyer wouldn't necessarily know.

    Amazon doesn't allow the use of PLR on Kindle, so they'd have the same issue with anything that isn't mostly unique. You'd have to repackage it in some way to make it different.

    Why don't you just try contacting the webinar organizer to find out the details?

    - Sharyn Sheldon

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    a decent start can be made through the use of PL (private Lable) products being sold (sometimes given away) through Amazon's Kindle.
    This is incorrect, isn't it? Amazon has put a stop to people selling duplicate content.

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