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Hi Warriors, heads up!

I just got word that my favorite domain registrar, Namecheap, has a promo on the go right now that may be of interest to you. They're approaching their 3,000,000th domain registered and are having a contest where every 10th domain is free (cost credited back to your account).

I have no affiliation with the company but have used their service for years and simply highly recommend them based on my own experiences with them.

This may be a way for a few struggling warriors, or anyone for that matter, to score a freebie or two.

Hope this helps! Here's the link to their promo page:

Win $3000* if you register the 3 millionth domain •

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    Ok, so that means:

    (a) If you are buying 10 domains, then one is guaranteed to be free...


    (b) If you are buying less than 10 domains then you could be lucky and get a free domain...

    Is that the right understanding?
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    Hi Fred, yup, that's pretty much what the promo is all about.

    Or if you register one domain there's a one in ten chance that that you'll get it free.

    I figured it was a decent promo that peeps here might want to take advantage of.

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    Thanks Paul. I will have a look.

    I have recently been using as they have had some good deals running, but I think this is only for UK residents (but not sure).
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    Thanks for posting this. I have domains from 3 different places, but I prefer namecheap.
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    The new coupon code is available here, and it probably works out to be a similar saving.

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