Has Affiliate Marketing Become TOO Competitive?

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On another forum, someone made the declaration that affiliate marketing has become too competitive.

Honestly, I feel that there are still plenty of opportunities for anyone who is willing to build an authority affiliate site. But I think it has become too competitive for anyone building small niche sites. That's because Google is always changing their algorithm and has really cracked down on these types of sites.

What are your thoughts?
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    It's never too competitive. There's always room - at least, that is how it has been till date.

    Affiliate marketing need to start or end just at affiliate sites. There are other ways to market also. Think of video marketing, flyer marketing, solo ads, list swaps and all the plethora of options. There are options for affiliates in each of these spaces - none of them I believe mandate you to be a product owner in many cases.

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      I don't think it is too competitive. If everyone that started this business kept going at it then maybe but many people end up quitting before they become successful.
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    I don't think it's so much about small sites vs. large sites. I think it has more to do with relying on Google vs. diversifying your traffic.

    Even a small site can get a ton of traffic without ever using Google as a source at all, although I think it's better to build a larger site.

    Steve, I wonder if you've read any of the threads here on article syndication? It basically involves writing one article, posting it to your site, and distributing that same article to a number of relevant sites that already have traffic and reader engagement.
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    Of course it is too competitive. Everyone should just get out of the business. Go on, go open a bakery or something. I'll stay behind to make sure everyone gets out...
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      Don't forget that there are a lot of people here that do a lot of talking and not much working! I don't mean any offence but it is true.

      It's well known that a large percentage of marketers will give up within the first year so there is space to be filled.
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    I have never had a problem with competition. I do use paid advertising and every new site that pops up is just another advertising opportunity.

    You opportunity is limited if you limit yourself with SEO, which in my opinion is not a very reliable or sustainable way to build a business.
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      Hi Nic,
      I tried PM you but couldn't- I am sort of new here- could you contact me? I'd like to order your product but have a couple of questions not addressed in your FAQ.
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    It depends what you are promoting to a larger degree. If you go to clickbank and start promoting the highest gravity products, then yes you are competiting with a ton of people from this very forum :-)

    However, if you promote something like swimming pool heaters, or something a bit off the wall like that, then there will be far less competition.

    As stated above, if you just use Google as your traffic source, then it CAN be tough. So think of other ways to get your message out. If you have a site that promotes a product based around a hobby, then joining groups on yahoo and facebook can be a great way to show your site (review site / blog or whatever).


    It's still not working for you??? Need direction?...
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    Originally Posted by mizambar View Post

    What are your thoughts?
    Numbers of competitors in affiliate marketing are the same as numbers of competing sites in Google's SERP's.

    All those "courses" and "information books" that talk about trying to measure how competitive a keyword is by seeing how many competing sites there are are talking nonsense. The number of competing sites isn't relevant. The SEO quality of the top 5 sites is relevant, because those are your only real SEO competitors. It makes no difference whether they have another 9,995 sites following them, or another 999,999,995 sites. They're still your only 5 real competitors, either way.

    Affiliate marketing's exactly the same, just on a slightly different scale.

    It makes no difference "how many" there are.

    Internet marketing is mostly about quality, not quantity. Fortunately, 99.x% of your "competitors" don't know that.
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      I swear, first time I've read:

      Originally Posted by Alexa Smith View Post

      Fortunately, 99.x% of you, "my competitors" don't know that.
      Anyway, I think the affiliate marketing is too competitive indeed, that is, for the fast buck crowd.

      For example, today I tried to illegally download the last episode of Two and a Half Men (how else was I supposed to watch it?:confused. I entered "two and a half men season 9 episode 22" into our friend, the big G, and guess what my SERPs were telling me? Among other websites, in top 5 results I got something like twoandahalfmens9e22.famous-blogging-platform.com.

      I had a hunch it was some scammy website, but I said I should at least take a loot at it.

      There I was greeted by two big buttons: First, a red one (I think), had on it the words "Watch online". The second one, a blue one, had on it the words "Download". I clicked the "watch online" one and I was sent to another website. It very similar to the first one, with the same two options. Anyway, when I again clicked "Watch online", I was asked to download a software, a free trial. This website also had affiliate links on it to different things, all of them unrelated, and of course, without a review or a preselling page - in a sentece - a crappy website.

      And the problem is, the internet is full of these people. Maybe that's why that person on the other forum said that affiliate marketing is too competitive. There are simply to many people trying to scam others or to fool people into clicking banners, thinking that there's a simple mathematical equation: You get 100 visitors, and with a 2% conversion rate (claimed by the vendor, anyway), and with a commission of $10, they get about $20 bucks. Now all they have to do is bring people in, and it's all good. They forget that I had nothing to do with whatever they were trying to sell, they forget that I won't ever buy, even if I'm interested, from a website that claimed to play a popular TV Show but instead tried to make me download a software and had affiliate links to different health ebooks. (come on, who buys a back pain relief eBook while surfing for a popular TV Show?)*

      However, try to find a decent affiliate marketer for one of your hobbies for example, and I can guarantee you that it will take some time, too much unfortunately.

      *Hmmm! I see the connection now: Alan Harper (the funniest guy from the show) is a chiropractor, so I am a bit targeted now, I suppose? :p
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    Well, whether affiliate marketing, or other form of online marketing, I would say use Google Adwords Keyword tool for finding less competitive keyword and plan your next work based on those keywords.
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    I don't think "competitiveness" has anything to do with it. If you can find targeted, low cost traffic from advertising and free marketing, then put them into a sales funnel... you can still do well in a competitive niche.
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    I think it depends on how you go a about it. I think too many people go to some place
    like click bank and pick a product based on what they think is cool or just run with high
    gravity. The problem is this can lead not doing good keyword research, not to mention a
    lot of competition to start. The list can go on really. I think small sites to start out with are
    great. But you do need to lay out a good foundation, and don’t over look the advantages
    of small by letting big ideas in the way. ---I share this just for fun, don’t let K.I.S.S. lead
    to L.O.V.E.

    We probably all have heard of Keep It Simple Stupid
    Well just don’t Leave Out Virtually Everything.
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    It can never get too competitive, sometimes the more the better!
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    I don't think so. There are always new products coming around and there will always be a need for affiliate marketers. It's similar to any offline business model. The more sales people you have the more you will make. Just my 2 cents.

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    Originally Posted by mizambar View Post

    On another forum, someone made the declaration that affiliate marketing has become too competitive.

    Honestly, I feel that there are still plenty of opportunities for anyone who is willing to build an authority affiliate site. But I think it has become too competitive for anyone building small niche sites. That's because Google is always changing their algorithm and has really cracked down on these types of sites.

    What are your thoughts?
    There isn't too much competition because the big fish go after bigger money.

    Small niche sites that rely 100% on google traffic and 100% on adsense for monitization is a pretty thin business model. Building 100 sites just to eek out $1000 a month with the posibiliity of losing it all any time Google feels like rocking the boat isn't very smart or sustainable.
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    It's only competitive if you rely on SEO. Competition is good. It means your niche is hot. Go to other platforms besides from Google where your customers are like forums, twitter,Facebook and youtube
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    The problem is, people only focus on organic search and websites. There is MUCH MUCH more to affiliate marketing than just those 2 things. The only people who ever complain about things being dead are people who either can't get a website ranking, or suck at creating conversions through copy.

    Affiliate marketing, and internet marketing in general present infinite opportunities daily... it's up to you to be the "marketer" and discover then cater to them effectively. If you can do that nothing will ever be "dead" or "saturated".
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    • For my opinion, today's affiliate marketing it's 100 times more difficult than 6 years ago, because that is the first niche in which new internet marketers try to start.

      But there are a lot of new opportunities as soon as new niches are discovered or open up after new products, new ideas and new ideals.

      So if you want to do affiliate marketing, I always suggest to do something different while you build up your affiliate sites and articles. Just to get two ways to earn money.

      See you soon,
      Alessandro Zamboni
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