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I have an affiliate site that relates to women's apparel, so I figured that doing some pinterest marketing might be beneficial.

So i made my account and began following people and adding some pins to my site. Naturally, some of these pins got picked up and repinned, but I'm not really seeing any increase in traffic to my site and definitely no sales. I'm getting lots of my product pages indexed in pinterest but all the links are nofollow so I'm not sure if that helps with SEO.

I'm not really sure what my next steps are. Do I have to create multiple accounts and manually repin the same items to get them to the front page? Or do I just continue following more people each day hoping that more will follow me back?

Everyone talks about how much a traffic boon this site is but it seems people just want to repin for the photos and not actually buy anything. Am I missing something here? Thanks.
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    There is a method to the Pinterest Madness my friend.

    I don't know use Pinterest but I DO know that my husband can pin things on his facebook page.

    Maybe you could somehow start a facebook page and pin things to it for even more visualization?

    (I am not sure what FB's TOS is on doing this, you would have to check it out. But hopefully this will help to lead you in the right direction)

    I would also check the IM Product Reviews and Ratings forum here on WF. I would bet they have a Pinterest product that they have reviewed there.
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    Thanks. I'm still hesitant about the whole "spamming" thing. It feels like you're spamming the sites even though the images do have some value. I still repin and comment on other people's pins too
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      I've been thinking about Pinterest as well for marketing my husbands jewelry and artwork. If you find something helpful - come back and share! I hate to jump from social media to social media - but it looks like Pinterest is great for those visual fields.
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        I think the biggest thing for Pinterest is like any site is volume and patience. Just keep pinning and it will eventually pay off. Pinterest is the fastest growing website in history. It's visitors are mainly women. You're going to reap the benefits of that.

        The main thing to remember is visual appeal. Pinterest users like "pretty" things. Post things that are as eye catching as possible. Those have the most chance of being re-pinned. Some things will go more "viral" than others. But it's a bit of a marathon, rather than a sprint with Pinterest.
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    Makes sense.. It seems that people that have 5000 or so REAL followers can get their items in the top categories right away. I've been randomly adding people to follow and I can get people to follow back in about a 10 to 1 ratio. I guess I'll need to be following 50000 people lol this might take a while.
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      Pinterest like any social site is all about numbers. You need a BIG following. So you need to follow alot of people, and just understand that not everyone is going to follow you back.

      I have found that only about 2-3% will follow you back right away. The rest can take a bit longer pending on how often they log in to pinterest.

      As was said before social sites are a MARATHON. It can take awhile to start making money. So patience is key.

      Also make sure what you are marketing is geared to the demographic, which yours sounds like it is.

      They other thing is that you have alot of people that don't know how the site works, they don't know that you can click on the image and it takes you somewhere else, they might just look at the picture and repin it without clicking because they don't know they can do that. Which again is another reason to have a big following.

      I would just keep following people and start building up your followers, with patience it can happen eventually.

      Good luck
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    for fast way and result is by SPAMMING..
    -create a ton of accounts with the same board "Women Apparel"
    -each accounts need to have at least 100 pins that all of it linking to your site
    -just do your pinning everyday for all accounts and watch the result
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      The spamming approach likely would work in the short term. But most Pinterest users arrive via invites. You could invite two friends (aka yourself) and they invite two friends (aka yourself) and so on.
      Pinterest developers seem pretty clever. I wouldn't doubt they could cancel the offspring and sibling accounts that are connected via invites if they find that a tree of pinners are largely spammers, especially if they are the same spammer (as identified by the same IP address when pinning).
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    I think you are right to use Pinterest to promote your site. I do use Pinterest as well for some of my sites and noticed the following patterns:

    1. Portrait orientation pictures tends to get more click than a horizontal one.

    2. Controversial text INSIDE the pictures tend to invite more clicks as well.

    For example, you can put "Customer's Pick Fall Apparel" on one of your apparel pictures and see the response that you'll get.

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    Some additional tips to consider with Pinterest:

    1. Like any SM site consistency is extremely important. If possible, post at least once a day or even 2-3 times a day. It's better to break up the Pins in 3-4 groups than to post all the new images at once. You want to keep people coming back to look for new posts.
    2. Studies have shown that it's best to post new pins at certain times and days when your target genre will be most active on the boards.
    3. Find the most popular Pins in your genre and be sure to post comments and repin their pins. Post meaningful comments of questions to show you have a genuine interest.
    4. Cross promote your pins on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Wordpress or similar.
    5. Soft pedal the sales angle. Studies have shown that hard core pinners don't visit Pinterest to find sales or deals. They tend to be into the scrap booking experience.
    6. Be sure to post appropriate credits on any images you pin.

    Hope that helps. Good luck to you with your new pins.
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    I know, the whole thing can be daunting. But I have learned quite a few tricks that I am happy to share.

    1. Are you pinning directly from your site? Sure you have to create pinboards that are collections of images taken from all over your site, but make sure you pin directly from images on your site. What this means is: go to your site like you are a random person and then click your Pin It button on your bookmarks bar. This will make sure that anyone repinning this picture will always have a direct link back to your site.

    2. Use Polyvore to create original sets (especially helpful since you are a women's apparel site) that you post on your site and then pin. You will find a lot of success here.

    3. Develop a niche within Pinterest. Tank tops. Yoga clothing. Dog theme. Something that followers can identify with you and then start following you as a leader in THAT.

    Hope it's helpful.

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