Simple Mistake Could Be Your Greatest Problem

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Hi Warriors,

Just today potential partner is checking up my sales funnel but suddenly I failed. I failed sending on the first email message at the right time. I didn't noticed that I put Day 1 to receive the message which is actually subscribers will receive it after the first day... It should be Day 0.

It was solved now...

Another problem I had is the conversion for my landing pages.. Many marketers are giving their advices and Paul Myers actually helped me a lot on this problem..Thanks Paul!

Lastly, I saved my username and password to my browser so when I open my browser, I immediately can check and even reply to any threads. The problem is, I told my staff to promote my products to get traffic. And what happened is he even posted and replied to many threads that cause me temporary banned... That was too many months ago

1. Autoresponder email series
2. Landing page design and conversion
3. Too much trust
4. Not focused on list building
5. Testing, tweaking
6. Starting too many campaigns - SlfMastery
7. Used free hosting - Exel

Lessons learned...what's yours?

Best Regards,

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    Anyone? Maybe it could help others too!

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    I'm sorry but may be no one has replied because I for one really don't understand what you're talking about. Explain the problem a little better maybe
    Most think that it was God who created man in his own image but it was us who created God in ours.

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    Hi Ross:

    If you're looking for mistakes we've made as marketers then I have one that many newbies can take to the bank.

    Mistake: Starting too many campaigns (and not optimizing / "completing" them).

    I'll tell you a true story I just heard that proves where one little tweak turned a flop into MILLIONS of dollars!

    But first I must say this. If you can make money with any niche (you just have to know exactly what they want) then the problem of not making money is not the niche itself, but rather optimizing your landing page, tracking your conversions, testing, getting more targeted traffic, etc.

    There's really no reason you should keep starting campaigns after campaigns (unless you're terribly bored with the topic... hint, market something you're passionate about) b/c if you're doing something wrong with one then you'll keep making the same mistake with the others (and not make money)

    I am guilty of this and I have too many things on my plate -

    Anyway True "multi-million dollar tweak" Story:

    I'm sure you've all heard of the George Foreman Grill, right? Well, believe or not it was not an instant hit. George was not even the inventor. The inventor signed a deal with George Foreman b/c at this time George had an incredible come back story in the boxing world and his name was synonymous with success and gaining popularity.

    Anyway, they started a campaign doing infomercials. George was shown using the lean mean grilling machine to make burgers, etc. with all that grease dripping into the pan. It was simple to use, it was healthier, it was "manly," etc.

    I mean, this was the "ultimate" machine, but NO ONE WAS BUYING IT!

    Hmmmmm...tons of viewers, lot's of great selling points, "rock star" endorsement, but a "flop" UNTIL......

    They reviewed the infomercial and someone (probably a veteran marketer) asked, "why are you showing boxing scenes before every infomercial?"

    It had nothing to do with their target market. (notice they didn't create another George Foreman product)

    Their target market was the typical family so......

    they took off the boxing scene in the beginning, and ADDED HIS FAMILY IN THE INFOMERCIAL. Of course, they were all sitting down, laughing, and enjoying the burgers and grill cheese and chicken and name it...the grill can make it.

    RESULT: George and the Grill inventor saw sales take off from $1,000's / month, to $10, $100, $1,000,000's in sales/ month!

    The Grill inventor now had the "optimized landing page" and saw a huge potential in the foreign markets. So, he bought out George Foreman for several $100,000,000 to gain exclusive rights to the George Foreman Grill.

    I can't wait to hear how you turned your campaign from "flop" to "millions."

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    I made many mistakes when started, just like everybody does, but one of the most
    basic mistakes was using free hosting.

    I was looking to be cheap and got fooled cause the free hosting had nominally better
    plan than many paid hosts. About two months after my site started to grow, I logged
    into control panel to see "Account suspended". No email, no warning, no reason, no nothing.

    I immediately went and bought reliable hosting and learned a valuable lesson in the
    process: You get what you pay for, don't be cheap on the essentials.
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    I've added the two mistakes did by SlfMastery and Exel
    6. Starting too many campaigns - SlfMastery
    7. Used free hosting - Exel

    What's yours? Our mistakes can lead to help others who are just starting out. Mistakes are costly and waste of time.

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