How do you get traffic from Facebook

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Various people on here say Facebook is where majority of their traffic comes from, but none of you give any real specifics short of throwing general concepts and terms out there. For those of you who are legitly getting a lot of traffic from facebook why don't you be the community hero and break it down step by step, say if you had a brand new product/site you wanted to promote and had no fanpages or facebook account prior.
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    I won't be a hero but I can tell you to get a fan page, get likes to it via facebook ads, then interact with them and post links to your site on there. Of course your site has to be relevant to the fan page and don't post only promotional stuff. But that would be my strategy for a niche site.
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    a recent WSO I bought was called Facebook Fanpage crusher. The creator takes you through exactly how he generates traffic to his fan pages through fb ads and then shows you how he personally monetizes them.
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      Facebook is definitely great for traffic but you can't just slap up a fan page and start hawking your products. facebook is a social medium so you will need a detailed social strategy to connect with your customers, clients, members or visitors. Once they are comfortable with the page and are having fun, connecting with friends, entering your contests if you have any or laughing at the jokes or stories you post then they will gladly go over to your site, check it out, browse around and probably buy something.

      If you are having a sale, major promotion or a promotional event then this is just another list building strategy to get your members to know, like and trust you. Think of it as a list building tool rather than a sales tool. It builds a relationship with your members and that is only done with great content and interacting with them by socializing and just hanging out and having fun with your members. Facebook is a fun social connecting site. You monetize that simply by building relationships. And be sure to give away lots of freebies. They'll love you for it. That's what you want anyway isn't it?
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    For a few of my large membership based websites I recently spend some more attention on the facebook pages (since the new format I really like them) and by only posting I already doubled the activity. Now in April I started giving away stuff, and the amount of shares I get are priceless!! So the advice from kevin jackson is definetely true... Getting a cashcow page is worth the shot but facebook is much more than a one shot at traffic medium...
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    Yes, learn Facebook PPC. Also, check out Simple Spencer & Donald's fan page tactics where they get 20k to 100k Likes then start lightly dropping money links. It's outrageous!
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    There are many WSO/threads/methods/ebooks google it ....
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    Learn how to socialize or connect with the members of your FB page. Don't just post links about your products or services. Provide interesting topics that can attract their attention.
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    This is something that I need to put on my looooong list of things to do. Now if only I had the time to do it all....
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    • The first thing you need to do is to share quality content that provides value to other users. Send updates regularly to fans, launch contests with prizes, and offer free product samples to your followers. Send out an invitation to your email subscribers and ask them to become your fans on Facebook. Include a link to your FB fan page in every email you send.
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    Being interactive with your members is a must. Make them want to read what you are posting.
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    I use FB Traffic Booster since a few days... and it works...
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    I don't know of others But thats how I get traffic from facebook.

    1. Create a facebook fan page for my site - the name of the page includes keyword / keywords + url of my site.
    2. I introduce that new page to my friends / and aksed them to introduce it to their friends.
    3. Once the page has more than 30 likes, it will start appearing for the keywords in google.
    4. Then I just keep watching the page grow and get traffic from there to my sites.

    All my facebook fans are organic traffic and are highly converting. Currently I have more than 30 pages and all of them are growing every day.
    I just check them once in a two week times to remove spam posts from them and also to post some interesting posts there,
    thats how it work for me.
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      what i know is make a fan page for your site and share link for your products for advertisements. since facebook is a social site, you should also communicate with you potential and current customers. their satisfaction is your advertisement.
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    There a numerous ways to get traffic from facebook. You can make a Product page for what you are selling and offer interesting and useful content from your site. You can also make use of the targeted feature of Facebook Advertising.

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    So far in May I've generated 10,500+ visitors to my health/beauty blog from Facebook (with about 7k coming on ONE day).

    I use two methods:

    1. I have my own fan page with just shy of 1,000 members. I regularly post updates linking back to my blog posts.

    I built the page by:

    - Asking my blog visitors to "Like Us On Facebook"
    - Including a Facebook Icon in the sidebar
    - Interacting with other much larger fan pages which resulted in them sharing my updates. This then sends my update out to their fans along with a clickable link to my fan page.

    2. The second way I get Facebook traffic - and the majority of it - is by getting OTHER fan pages to share my content.

    How? I make it mutually beneficial for them to share my content. I do something good for them and then ask them if they will share my blog post. Invariably they do.

    Have a read of the blog post below where I reveal how I got one of my blog posts shared to 27,000 fans, and then another fan page saw it and shared it to their 102,000 more fans, and many more pages shared with their 5k+ fans.

    How I Got 5,112 Visitors From Facebook In 2 Hours

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    If you're using Wordpress then you can do a two-way information system where you can gain traffic from Facebook.

    The first is by adding the "addthis" plugin in your blog or website so that your current traffic can recommend your website to their friends on facebook.

    And the second is by creating a page on facebook that's dedicated to your business or the service that you offer, and providing links on that page that will lead users to your site's landing page/s.

    In case you're not using a WP-based site, then option number two will work for you. And to employ the benefits of option number 1, you need to code a facebook linking mechanisms with functions similar to the "add this" plugin.
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    Facebook is on heck of a traffic source.

    But the problem is how you convert that traffic.

    Otherwise you are just wasting bandwidth
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    • Facebook PPC and free Facebook traffic campaign results, based on our tests and experience, are dependent on the niche, then the product, then the country, then the consumer market segment, in that order. For instance:

      A lot of Facebook members based in the Philippines, aged 20 to 60 years old, are looking for jobs (good target niche + good product + good target country). They respond to Facebook ads and Facebook pages/posts about jobs offered by companies registered in the Philippines, and very few respond to Facebook ads and Facebook pages/posts about jobs offered by companies outside the Philippines (good product + good target consumer market segment). However:

      Just a handful of Philippine-based Facebook members, if any, respond to Facebook ads and Facebook pages/posts about make money online opportunities/products -- wrong niche + wrong product + wrong country + wrong consumer market segment, but:

      It's different if you target US-based Facebook members who already have online businesses (semi good target niche + good target country), because a lot of them are interested in Facebook ads and Facebook pages/posts from Philippine-based companies offering outsourcing services useful for their online businesses and Internet marketing campaigns -- good product + good target market segment. Then:

      We got less substantial results when we targeted India and offered the same outsourcing services, though when we changed the offer into just outsourced English content research/writing services for online businesses based in India, we got great results from our Facebook PPC campaigns...

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