How did you make your first Penny+ Online...

by Todd Walker 51 replies

I was just wondering: Think way back, how and where did you make your first penny online...

I made my first $.75 through a Paid to Click website, it took me an hour to make, and they were three weeks late on payment, I was so pissed off

What about you
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    I made my first money online selling a few things around the house on eBay. That was way back in 1996 if I remember correctly. I then went on to building websites, custom programming and lots more direct sales via ebay and personal websites.

    It has been and continues to be a fun ride!
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      The first money I made online was in 1997. I ran a website that sold a poetry anthology I put together from submissions to a poetry ezine I was running at the time.

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      I started a blog about investing in stock IPOs that I used to update daily. Took few months to earn my first $100 from Adsense.

      It was hard work but I absolutely loved it.


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      Well, if BBSs (circa 1990 or so) count as online, then I made my first pennies by selling a DOS based BBS door program that I wrote. Jeez, thought I had my niche and then the Internet came along and screwed everything up .

      - Darrell
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        My first $ was from PTC, and I got paid into e-gold, where I participated in HYIPs, until I realized what they were and that I never really had a chance with them.

        Anyway, I eventually built up enough $ through PTC to purchase Steve Wagenheim's Honest Income Program, thorugh which I learned about Associated Content. I really didn't use any other part of his program, but it helped me learn that there really was a way to earn money online. After submitting a few articles to AC and proving that you could earn money online, I stumbled across this lovely forum and learned so much more.

        Since then, my main $ has been from small website flips, and the majority of my earnings have been from freelance programming. Some $ from Adsense, affiliates, etc... but nothing major.

        I started out with my freelance programming here, and at DP, providing free and very low cost help to people who were needing help.

        With the way that I started, though, I have NEVER spent any of my hard-earned offline money on anything to earn money online.

        I'm tired of my signature... Deleted.

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    Ummm, dare I say it ............

    Safelist referrals, $10.

    "And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years." ~ Abraham Lincoln

    Want 1000's of PLR Products for only $1?

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    Well, a long, long time ago there was a website for writers called Themestream. Themestream started out paying 10 cents per click for every visit you got to your articles.

    It didn't take long for someone to figure out that you could buy PPC ads for a few cents and make money on the traffic. So that's what I did. I had about 100 articles going and managed to make about $6000 before Themestream went out of business.
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    I still remembered I made my first buck online is by promoting a web hosting services and very happy when i received my first check.

    Offering services would be a good choice for making your first buck online.

    Get 2 Brand New Top Quality PLR Niche Products on Each Month!
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    I made $17 in March of 2003, selling an ebook that I put together. It happened so fast that I was shocked. After that, I was addicted to marketing online.
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    Um....I actually made my first money through PPC. I had just started out with IM and didn't know what I was doing. I got a sale for $20.....too bad I wasted $90 in adspend.

    After that, I have been sticking to web design and SEO, and article marketing. Free techniques have been working for me and I don't have to worry about losing more money.
    Net Space Profits 3.0- Make Money Renting Sites to Local Businesses
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      I got my first start selling shell accounts and hosting almost a decade ago. 2nd time in 2 days that's come up ahh the memories
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        Yeah, I started out with PTC programs too. Then I found a site that paid $15 per article (now defunct), which made me wonder how these people were making money off the articles. Did a little research and discovered Adsense and IM from there.
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          I bought a freeware related website in 1997 and put up some banner advertising. From there I graduated to pay per lead and the cookie cutter marketing system.

          Things sure do change over time
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        • Profile picture of the author SethDaley
          Affiliate Marketing... In 2005 I sold Mike Dillard's magnetic sponsoring book (awesome book) and earned a $20 commission...

          It was the best feeling ever!

          Dillard - if you're reading this... THANKS!

          Follow me on Twitter:

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          • Profile picture of the author Ryan L
            I began internet marketing in a humorous way...

            One of my close friends plays World of Warcraft, habitually. He kept talking about it and talking about it...One thing he said stuck with me though...He mentioned that people would pay hundreds of dollars to buy a pre-played character!

            "My god" I thought...Then, a young Ryan went to eBay...and hired his Warcraft addicted friend to be his translator...I used him to find a really 'good' character for sale.

            We found a severely undervalued account--which I ended up buying for about $100...I reformatted the advertisement and made the character sound really cool...I ended up selling the character for $250 a few days later...I couldn't believe it! lol...

            Too bad I wasn't a warrior...What a WSO that would have been, haha!

            Needless to say...I have moved on to sell more...hmmm...commendable things?
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    Ya I made my first money on a PPC site. It was easy at the time but I figured out it was better to do something worth my time.

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  • Profile picture of the author Kelvin Brown
    Like Darrell, it was back in the days of the old BBS boards. circa '85, selling $5 reports.


    Kelvin Brown

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    My first eBay auction way back in the day...
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    • Profile picture of the author Diana Lane
      Writing for a consumer opinion site in around 1997, I think. Even though I'd made a couple of hundred quid by the time I was done (over the course of months - we're not talking overnight wealth and beer for man and dog here!), the money wasn't the main attraction at the time. I just enjoyed writing. Having convinced myself that my ambition was for my words to appear in an ordinary off-line magazine, the minute I achieved it I lost interest.

      Thankfully, I love what I do now enough to spend my days doing it over and over, and could probably do it in my sleep. Which is just as well, because if I don't get my butt out of this forum and do some actual work now, it's what I'll be doing later.

      What kind of person would spring a jazzy new forum with loads of new features to play with on people with work to do and bread to put on the table? Some people have no consideration...

      Plot short fiction, long fiction, even outline non-fiction * Edit the question prompts to suit your genre * Easily export text and image files for use with your word processor or Scrivener.
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    Like most of the people, I also earn my first penny through paid to click website..
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    • My very first pennies were Adsense pennies that I never did get... But it was such a motivator that I kept with it. I created a membership site (back before they were cool LOL) that was essentially a paid newsletter offering up resale rights packages, so I could utilize the stuff laying around on my hard drive. I charged $5/month. Made a cool $280 the first month, and it dwindled from there. Some of you might remember it, most of my members were warriors.

      I still love the membership model, for that reason alone... With a little upfront work and 2-3 hours per month I was keeping a lot of those members. Unfortunately 6 months later is when the term "attrition rate" really found its meaning, because all my members had left.

      I still remember making my first sale from that, though. Was a beautiful day.

      - Cheryl
      Take your product from idea to profit in less than 90 days! Work with me to develop and implement a step-by-step plan for success!
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    Originally Posted by Todd Walker View Post


    I was just wondering: Think way back, how and where did you make your first penny online...

    I made my first $.75 through a Paid to Click website, it took me an hour to make, and they were three weeks late on payment, I was so pissed off

    What about you
    My first payment was .80 from a paid survey/paid email affiliate program. I was so happy!
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    I made my first dollars online with a warriorforum wso for a resell rights book I had written about making money from your hobbies. made about 4 sales and $8 profit. As you can tell, my sales page sucked.
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    I may be dating myself with this....but......

    I made my first online cash back in 1983, when I sold subscriptions via Compuserve to a newsletter on the use of Personal Computers in the Composition and performance of music.

    And the way I did it also made me among the first spammers!
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    • Profile picture of the author Ray Erdmann
      Made my first sale (I think it was like $50+ dollars!) via forum posting last year, where a link in my sig pointed to my aff. link for Dan Lok's "Instant Cash Copy" software...When I logged into my CB account to update some info, I saw a sale...and then I was like ' posting w/a sig sure does work!'....Now if I can just keep the momentum flowing on a consistent basis, things will be 'all good'..

      "Whether you think you can or'll always be 100% right!" |

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      • Profile picture of the author Texas_Guns
        I made my first $$ online selling items on eBay.

        Once I saw that money come in... I realized the power
        of making money on the Internet and haven't looked
        back since.
        Launching A New Product? Need Copywriting? Multiple services offered. 13 years of experience as a Direct Response Copywriter. Product/Company launch expert. Millions of dollars in products sold online.
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      • Profile picture of the author Steven Fullman
        Flipping TV-on-PC websites at another IM-based website.

        I made ~$1000 in a week. It made me think...

        Nice thread, very inspirational for those who are yet to make a penny.


        Not promoting right now

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  • Profile picture of the author Tom Duong
    I made my first sale on eBay selling satellite equipments back in 2005. I was doing this every other day on a part-time basis while holding a 9 to 5 job and attending night school. Those days were tough! But you know what they say...

    "when the going gets tough - the tough gets going"


    Internet Marketing Blog:

    Follow me on Twitter:

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    • Profile picture of the author macchiavelli
      The first $30 bucks I ever made online was via myspace marketing which was unheard of at the time(2005).
      I just tried something out and it worked....I posted a bulletin to all my friends saying that they could all lose weight with this ebook, and out of 150 friends, 1 purchased

      That was my first commission ever and it got me so excited!
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    The first money I made was $10 doing a survey.


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    • Profile picture of the author lelaiskandar
      My first one was via adsense. A 3cent click.

      Small, but that small change open up a new world to me.
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    • Profile picture of the author Shannon Herod
      The first money I made was a commision check from the great Allen Says. It was a Host 4 Profit check. I believe it was $40.

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      • Many years, ago I ran a Boxing website which I started with essentially no understanding of the Internet. It became the second biggest Boxing News site on the net with contributors from all over the world providing live and post fight pictures and news, I made money via advertising on the site, I think my first ever check was a monthly advertising fee of about $250, a few years later I then sold it for over six figures to a media corporation who took the writers, content and audience to PPV model. This was many years ago now.
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        • Profile picture of the author Michael T.
          The first money I made online was a commission for a clickbank product I was promoting.$24.50 btw.

          Regards...Michael T.

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          • Profile picture of the author Faisal Anwar
            The first time I earned online was through adsense, getting a $0.05 click and I was so damn happy! hahaha

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            • Profile picture of the author markaustin
              I started back in 97 selling stuff on eBay ... had a little bit of success. Then my friends asked me to sell some of their stuff on eBay. That grew into other things such as website building, info product creation, ppc, article marketing, CPA, etc.

              I have to say it has been a fun journey!

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              • Profile picture of the author Danyelle
                I sold my used textbooks on 1/ does that count?
                If it doesn't, adsense says i have 2 bucks and change
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              • Profile picture of the author LivingCovers
                I remember way back in 2004 promoting a music company i found at clickbank using google adwords. I didn't know anything about keyword research then that i now know today but i managed to sell to two customers. I made $28 in commission within 2 months. Initially, i was so excited but when the results did come forth after a period of time and was running low on cash, i gave up altogether.

                Now, i've noted my mistakes and i'm making a big comeback.
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