How do you add voice to presentations - slide shows?

by Kurt
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I'm messing around with Open Office's presentation software with the intention of importing the slideshow into Camtasia to make videos.

My question...How/when do you add audio voice-over to the presentation? Do you do it in OO or in Camtasia?

It seems to me that you need to adjust the time for each frame of the presentation so it matches the voice over.

Anyone have any tips or suggestions on the production method?
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    Here's one way among several.

    Record the voiceover as an mp3 in audacity (audio program).

    Do a screencapture of the slideshow using camtasia. Set the audio to record your computer audio and not the mic. Play the audio and then change slides at the right time to sync it.

    Output the video file in camtasia.

    That's one way.

    As for the import method, I've never used it, but I would imagine it shouldn't be too hard to manually set up the slides to change at the appropriate time to sync with your audio.
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      ^^ what he said, Kurt. I do it the import way. I do the presentation first, then record myself in Audacity reading the presentation, then I import the 2 files into Camtasia (or whatever video editor you use), and make adjustments to the presentation frames if I have to so that they match perfectly with the audio.
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    If you're using Windows 7, you can also download the Windows Live Essentials: Movie Maker and it will combine audio, video, and even pictures into a movie. The last video I did, I did slides in PowerPoint and then exported them as JPGs (it's an option in the File menu). I then took my voice (that I recorded with my cell phone) and overlaid the sound onto the slides and adjusted the slide's showtime to work out appropriately so everything synced.

    It was so much easier to do than explain.

    -- j

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    As mentioned already, yes, you can use Audacity. I mostly
    use it to clean up the audio and remove constant noises
    or to increase/lower the volume.

    If you are recording the audio yourself, what I recommend
    is to run both Camtasia's video/audio recording and
    Audacity at the same time. To mark the start of the recording,
    you can simply clap. And if you can sync both audios according
    to the starting clap, you'll have audio that's just about smooth

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    I usually record the video with camtasia and voice with audacity. The reason why I do the recording separately is because I want to edit the audio part later on.

    You can sync the video and the voice together with camtasia.
    I prefer to use pictures rather than video.
    This is what I do: I throw in the audio first, then I throw in the presentation slides in picture format, not video format. After that, i just drag and expand the pictures to match the voice recording. As simple as that.

    The reason why I prefer to do this is because it is much more flexible and less editing is required.
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    I used to use Windows Photo Story 3

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      Got this from a course by Mike Stewart and Jim Edwards...

      Create the slides.

      For each slide, record the audio. Save as individual files.

      Import all to Camtasia.

      Add slide and matching audio to timeline. Extend slide duration to match audio.

      Repeat until finished. Add transitions between slides (~ 1 sec. each) if desired.

      Output video.

      This was using an older version of Camtasia and Sony Audio Studio, but Audacity should work as well.
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    On the Mac platform I have had good results with making a slide show in Keynote and then recording the presentation in Screenflow. You can turn off the video recording and just have audio. The one drawback is you can sometimes hear the keyboard click during the show. You can easily edit that out or just use a mouse.
    I find the audio much better if you use an external mic, and video rendering is really fast compared to iMovie.
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