Saving Time :--) Whats Next DNA Scanners ?

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Remember the days before cell phones and we had to either write down or remember phone numbers. Since I have been placing phone numbers in my cell phone over the years, it makes it way too easy to just press the name to dial out. The only thing bad about that is now I never know anybody's phone number. I guess its fine as long as I have my cell phone with me :--)

Well Technology always seems to amaze me. I have had the same laptop for 4 years until this week when it finally took its last boot. I was lucky and still had 1 month left of my 4 year warranty. After I contacted the manufacture they said they would send me a new replacement laptop. The only thing was the one I had was such a dinosaur that they no longer had the model to replace it. This is were things became kind of like Christmas. They sent me a brand new cutting edge model.

About ten years ago I said to someone someday you will no longer need a plastic credit to conduct a transaction all you would have to do is swipe your finger and your finger print would be read rather than your card. Now I have not checked into the latest technology for a computer because I was getting by very well with what I had. Well much to my surprise this laptop came with a finger print manager for passwords and logins :--) Now I have seen software before that will manage all of your passwords but I never trusted how secure that software was in protecting your passwords.

This finger print scanner comes with a software suite that allows me to register all of my passwords for various sites. Now I feel more secure with this for many reasons. First off the only way this can be accessed is by my unique finger print :--) When I get to a site I just scan my finger.

I login into probably more than 50 sites a day. Therefore I have tons of different passwords. It sometimes becomes a steady challenge to keep coming up with unique passwords that I will remember and also know which ones are for various sites. The next thing is then I never want to have to change them once I remember them but changing your passwords from time to time is important.

Here is were I love the finger print scanner. Once I register my login, password, and finger print I never have to remember my password again :--) Of course as along as I am logging in from my laptop. Now this feature saves me a mass amount of time.

I also have windows vista Business edition :--) So far this has to be one of the best windows release I have used since windows released their windows 2000 professional. Vista Business has remarkable networking features. I use to be a network administrator for years and had to do all of the set ups. Well Vista is like have an admin do everything for you :--) I have a LAN at home and Vista works great with it.

Now last week when I would boot up old smoky, I would spend a few minuets logging into approx 7 websites manually. Vista and Internet explore allows me to not have just one home page to set as my default, but several pages. Now with Vista and the finger scanner, I boot up my laptop click on Internet Exploring, scan my finger and bam all of the web pages are up and I am logged on :--) Cool.

Now back to the cell phones. I will begin to never remember my passwords. But this is good because I can now create passwords that are even more unique and secure all while saving time.

I know many of you are already familiar and or have a finger scanner but for those who don't here is a video link of interest.

Oh and BTW this little puppy has something that has been out for years but I just never felt the need to get one, a built in camera. I will have to do a video conference, sometime soon.

Well back to work


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    I think that technology is so awesome, but the paranoid person in me wonders what the hackers of the world will come up with to manipulate it. I guess that would encourage the DNA scanners of the future
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